Saturday, 16 August 2008

FULL STURGEON MOON (16 August 2008)

The Musick dedicated to this Esbat is:






Original Issue: 1972/1973/1973/1974 Bla Bla (BBXL 10001/BBXL 10002/BBXL 10003/BBXL 10006)


Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5




from Gnosis2000:

Franco Battiato, as is well known, was an Italian pop singer who for a span in the 70s made a string of very experimental albums that fit very roughly in the vein of groups such as Opus Avantra or Pierrot Lunaire. Battiato on all of these titles (and beyond) set out to create completely new musical forms, and evolved from strange pop and rock realms to systemic and minimalist music before returning to pop music.

Fetus was his first and arguably not as impressive as his later titles. There are a lot of influences here, Italian popular music, folk, electronic experiments and tape collage all swirled into an unusual tapestry of music. I would say his folk/pop influences show through the strongest here, and with the albums short duration there's not a lot you can sink your teeth into.

Pollution, however, is a much more successful outing, with the disparate styles blending into a much more cohesive whole. Battiato's music can jump from neo classical to Italian progressive rock (somewhere between Sensations Fix and Le Orme) to space rock like Gong and on to bizarre tape collages with narration. It all adds up to a fascinating and innovative album with more humanity than you'd expect from this type of experimentation.

Sulle Corde Di Aries was Battiato's third release and showed his fascination for electronic, minimalist and systemic musics. As such, it is quite similar to "Pollution" except much more electronic based and with a more definitive style. There are also a lot of modern classical strains coming through here and a great spacey feel again reminding me of Sensations Fix or Gong at times. A simply fascinating album.

Clic is the Italian version and not the version that was on Island records. It too moves in a far more electronic direction, sounding like an avantgarde Klaus Schulze with lots of systemic patterns and neo classical vocals. This is often quoted as his best album, and certainly deserves a listen. The latter three titles, if not all four, all deserve the attention of those into experimental or avantgarde rock albums.

Mike McLatchey


Carlo said...

Thank you Margot!
I've already got them (I'm Italian!) and they are masterpieces.
Thank you for sharing them

Rob said...

I'm really enjoying "Sequenze E Frequenze" and "Propietad Prohibida". They seem kind of set up like spacey psych jams but more diverse and adventurous and playful! Really fun, thanks Margot!

mike *dot* said...

Wow this music is great even the popsongs**for his contemporary music
CAMPI MAGNETICI is my favorite piece
thanks Margot


mike *dot*

Anonymous said...

Good job , Margot!

despite what MM says in his mini-"review" all of these albums are sheer brilliance of the highest order
and "Fetus" is NO exception.

Still , the one that is MOST essential is usually regarded to be "Pollution", and it is hard to disagree with that.

Anyone into experimental music MUST hear/know ALL of these !
and his cohort Roberto Cacciapaglia too. (Cacciapaglia, Roberto- "Sonanze" Italy/ 1976 )

Their brief duration makes no difference. There is more amazing music packed into one of those 30 min. albums than most artists provide in their entire careers


frostymug said...

Fantastic post! I already had Fetus and Pollution. The rips you posted of these two albums have different track timings than what mine have. The total album times are the same but individual track times vary widely. Look at:
& compare to yours. The first two tracks on Pollution are the problem ones but all of Fetus is different. You're doing a fantastic job here. Hope you enjoyed your vacation and am glad you are back!

Duck said...

This is Italian prog at its best – great stuff. I don't know what our reviewer has against Fetus, although I suppose it isn't quite as good as Aries or Clic. "Meccanica" in particular is a great track. In fact it's running through my head right now: "Meccaniche le dita ..."

Anonymous said...

Battiato is one of my all times favorite.It's a nice thing to see him on your very respected blog.

For those living in or near Paris,I strongly advise them to go & see In Gowan Ring play.Magic folk at its best :

Margot said...

Stupid witch,
I realized to have disabled the option that shows comments in the blog page!!!

Thank you all guys for your intelligent comments and warm welcome back!


Joel said...

Just catching up on recent posts - fantastic. The Battiato is new to me and what a gift! Glad to be part of the community.

gareth said...

I love Battiato (including the later, art-rock or pop-rock releases): "Sulle corde di Aries" is my favourite album ever, and "Aria di rivoluzione" is perhaps my favourite track. Easier to enjoy if you understand Italian, though!