Friday, 1 August 2008

LAMMAS (01 August 2008)

I'll be in the south of France for holidays starting from August, the 4th to August, the 23rd.
I will reply to your beloved comments as soon as I return!

If you are in Provence, Pays Cathare or Rennes-le-Château area, take a look around and be ready to say "Hello" if you see a pair of cute witches walking around...

Kisses & Hugs,


The Musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:



Original Issue: 1992 Musica Maxima Magnetica (EEE 09) Buy it here!


Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5


Condom (11:00)
Radar Bowl (11:00)
Antibody (11:00)
Network (11:00)
Interface (11:00)
Onezerooneone (6:00)


from Musica Maxima Magnetica homepage:

'Iconclastar' is the most interesting project ever released by this two german conceptualists (Mr. Soltan Karik and Mr. Sankt Clario) founders of Cranioclast.

'Iconclastar' is a simoultaneosly released two-CD project with nearly identical graphic artwork in two different colors (green and blue) and accompanied by recipes for two (green spider & blue devil) drinks to be taken while listening to the music.

In 1992 Iconclastar - Icon I-VI came out on Musica Maxima Magnetica in Italy (the CD is now available again) and Iconclastar - Icon VI-XI on Dom America in the US.

Iconclastar- Icon I-VI, called also the green part (I), is the first half of 121 min iconclastaring soundtracks rudely interrupted by 55 sec of grey coded messages from unknown pressure groups.

The green part is accompained by the half of 36 iconclastaring photographic-text tableaux, sistematically penetrated by the grey vibres of a well known matrix - the 16 tableaux are dispalyed on a 360 x 360 mm poster printed two sided , bi-coloured.

.....Mr Coitra leaned back. As he looked up from the greenish and bluish tableaux he met Clara K.Tonsi's wide-open eyes. "Well, I don't agree that Sankt Klario and Soltan Karik obscured the purity of the structures and relations by their additions. You see - if you drop the peppermint from a 'Green Spider' and the curacao blue from a 'Blue Devil' you'll get an almost pure Vodka Soda and Gin Sour. You'll get a good drink anyway, maybe you'll get drunk also - anyway".


James Mason said...

thanks, this one's killer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks and have a great time!


Eel O'Brien said...

thanks, great. have a good time away.

Jeff Gee said...

Another winner.

Have fun in the South of France.

grey calx said...

Your generosity is much appreciated. Enjoy your holidays.

Jorge Stretcher said...

Thanks! Good Holydays.

Anonymous said...

Cranioclast - Lost In Karak / Somnii Palus and Cranioclast - Rats Can Coil Cats Can Roil
at if you like this

Anonymous said...

Margot :

Here's a link with something you might enjoy : Dead Raven Choir ( two records ... ).

Have some nice holidays under the moon,


Anonymous said...

Thank you once again, margot!
I will lend this a listen.
Enjoy your time off,

Margot said...

Hey, Josef, where's the link?

Thank you guys...will leave tomorrow and will be often thinking to my beloved readers :)


redeyesight said...
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redeyesight said...

Interesting music...

Thanks for this (and everything else)...

Anonymous said...

Oh! Margot :

Sorry ... forgot to paste the link. Here it is :

Sorry again ...


Anonymous said...

just love the lynch/von bingen album you posted a while ago, sublime compositions, utterly beautiful album, the singer's voice is gorgeous.. beautiful beautiful music... have a wonderful time margot... anthony

gert said...

Thanx again for the music and enjoy your holidays in France.

Dave Watson said...

Interesting stuff. On one hand, some pretty good serious electronic drones. On the other hand, you can picture the fun they had making rude noises for the Antibodies segment. Also, could you possibly scan the rest of the booklet for this so one can see the drink recipe? Thank you.

nightlight said...

Enjoy your holidays girls. I hope the eclipse went well.