Thursday, 28 August 2008

CASTAWAY MOON (desert island musick)

Kawabata Makoto's (of Acid Mothers Temple) all-times favourite album (read more at this page; #12 )



Original Issue: 1966 Telefunken (SAWT 9567-B), 1970 Teldec (6.41275 AW), 1974 Telefunken (SAWT 9487-A)

Reissue: 1995 Teldec (4509-97938-2)


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

A more than refreshing listening after my recent holidays in Provence & Languedoc-Roussillon! Essential


CD 1

1. Pierre Vidal: Baron, de mon dan covit
2. Giraut de Bornelh: Leu chansonet' e vil
3. Salterello
4. Bernart de Ventadorn: Can vei la lauzeta mover
5. Veris ad imperia
6. A l'entrada del temps clar
7. Raimbaut de Vaqueiras: Kalenda Maia
8. Beatriz de Dia: A chantar m'er de so qu'eu no volria
9. Jacques de Cambrai: Retrowange novelle
10. Guiot de Dijon: Chanterai por mon courage
11. Lasse, pour quoi refusai

CD 2

1. Gillebert de Berneville: De moi doleros vos chant
2. Gace Brulé: Biaus m'est estez
3. Etienne de Meaux: Trop est mes maris jalos
4. Li joliz temps d'estay
5. Walther von der Vogelweide: Mir hat her Gerhart Atze ein pfert
6. Walther von der Vogelweide: Unter der linden an der heide
7. Walther von der Vogelweide: Nu alrest lebe ich mir werde
8. Neidhart von Reuental: Meie, din liehter schin
9. Neidhart von Reuental: Blozen wir den anger ligen sahen
10. Pseudo-Neidhart: Fürste Friderich
11. Neidhart von Reuental: Meienzeit
12. Chanconetta Tedescha I
13. Reinmar von Brennenberg: Wol mich des tages do mir alrest ist worden kunt
14. Chanconetta Tedescha II
15. Der Unverzagte: Der kuninc Rodolp
16. Frauenlob (Heinrich von Meissen): Ez waent ein narrenwise
17. Wizlâw III von Rügen: Ich warne dich, vil junger man, gezarte
18. Wizlâw III von Rügen: Loibere risen


from Makoto's Listening Room:

This 2CD set is the most favorite album in all music in the world for me. Of course i have a vinyl box set too. I bought this cd at Fnac in Paris in Autmun 1999. then i could find so many troubadours cds at this shop, i was very surprised...because I'd never see such large troubadours' CD space in anywhere.

But one of my friend told me this CD and all this series were out of print now...
oh man... why??? I think any record company have to keep the catalog of "good music", even if the sales was not so good!

If i have to choose only one record in all my life, I'm sure to choose this one. I've never listened such beautiful and heavenly music... and I can feel very "acid folk" atmosphere too...


Michael said...

thanks margot!

krh said...

Thank you for this, I'm very curious, especially with Kawabata's glowing recommendation.

Margot said...

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gojira said...

i look forward to listening to this.
thank you

Aa said...

superb Margot.
thanks sooo much.

Branko said...

This looks incredible. Thank you!!!

fpunk said...

I was skeptical but I ended up enjoying it.

LuCe said...

I love medieval music and this is fantastic! Thanks!

Margot said...

Stupid witch,
I realized to have disabled the option that shows comments in the blog page!!!

Thank you all guys for your intelligent comments and warm welcome back!


Anonymous said...

strange and beautiful. Don't listen to this while driving, thoughJ! Puts you in an altered state.

Renaud said...

This collection is one of several which I should recommend highly for making acquaintance with medieval French music. Thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beyond words. Mesmerizing. Thank you Margot.
From tuckermucker Australia

quique said...

thanks for this one...i have the music in vinyl and are marvelous the two

R said...

Wow, this is pretty damn incredible! Saw AMT live a few weeks back, so it's pretty cool to hear the music the band members love.

Carlo said...

Thank you, great Margot!
It's incredible


this sounds fantastic thank you

Anonymous said...

wow, muchas gracias

chicken king shultz said...

Very interesting stuff here - am struck by the similarity to some Moorish and Arabic music.
What a time to have been alive!