Friday, 25 January 2008

RED MOON (musick & other arts)


Original Issue: 1987 Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien ( WULP 005/006)
1988 Sub Rosa (
SUBCD 001-9)

Reissue: 2000 Sub Rosa (SR09) Buy It!

Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5

1 Jezero / Der See, Valjhun / Waldung, Delak
2 Koža / Die Haut
3 Jägerspiel
4 Bogomila - Verführung
5 Wienerblut
6 Črtomir
7 Jelengar
8 Apologija Laibach / Laibach-Apologie
9 Herzfeld
10 Krst / Die Taufe, Germania
11 Rdeči Pilot / Der Rote Pilot

From Sub Rosa website:


1988: the score of the theatrical spectacle - baptism below triglav- was released on sub rosa records. this masterpiece is still a massive cornerstone of the label's history, and was - by way of anecdote - after several vinyls, the first cd we produced...

2000: we decide that it is time to reintroduce this long time deleted album into our catalogue: be ready to face once again one of the most controversial bands ever!

A review from Discogs:

Laibach's supreme masterpiece. This is modern classical as it's best, the history of Slovenia in music, from prehistory down to modern times.
"Krst / Die Taufe, Germania" is their best track ever, with hammering industrial steel drums, obsessive machinery noise, apocalyptic trumpets and the gloomy demon voice. The ideal soundtrack for Doomsday.
This 2LP set came in a box strongly resembling the Deutsche Grammophone ones!

Scrap_Iron, 2003


Anonymous said...
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Stv said...

This Laibach album really shows their stylistic and dynamic ranges; to consider that it was made as an accompaniment to a theatrical production, yet stands on its own for listening, says a lot. Thanks for posting this.

postparanoid said...

come on.. you can't be serious, with that password procedure. why don't you simply write everything in the comments.

Margot said...

Maybe my "password procedure" is objectable but in this way:

1) I can really come in touch with a lot of interesting people
2) After the first time one wrote me, then he'll receive the password for each following post
3) Make me understand that you REALLY wants to listen to an album
4) Probably you've the same musical tastes and can point the way to some unknown treasure (for example Threshold Houseboys Choir work)

Am I serious enough? :-)

NotaShyWitch said...


Your password policy is unique so far as I know, and it's a fine idea... makes the whole thing a more personal experience, and makes a two-way musical conversation a lot more possible.

You can be sure that when I see something suitable, you'll get to know about it. :-)



postparanoid said...

thanks for replying that fast to my comment. your password policy indeed is unique, that's why i was a bit surprised when i saw it for the first time. i'm just very practical-oriented, and i didn't know how fast you'll respond to my pass request, thought maybe it'll take a while. but you're, obviously, updating regularly .) so, i guess i have to write you a mail now (for the laibach pass :P)

oh, and last: you're flattering me by giving my blog a place in your "sharing gods" box. now "the wheel of the year" has a place on "podroom" as well 8)
btw. "podroom" means "basement".

locust said...

hi margot. great blog you have here.

Anonymous said...

margot - i'm a bit late for supper, i know - but maybe the link to this is still up? if so, i'd be pleased to receive it. i'm not that eager to drop an e-mail adress here - but i have an open blog where you can comment and instantly erase your comment - and i will still get it via e-mail.

well, i could do that on your blog, too - but what if you disabled the comment-e-mail feature? :D

thanks for the link to my bloggy, by the way!

Anonymous said...

now, that was a rapid serve. thanks a lot - hope you hadn't up the thing just for me.

i heard one track from that record on a sub rosa compilation - it was fantastic. but everything i heard from laibach since didn't move me really.

btw: in your profile you wrote that you are female, and margot is a female name, too. i was just wondering, because music blogs seem to be frequented by 99% males - at least they have male aliases - or behave like them (i can tell, i'm one of those bunch).


Anonymous said...

finally i found time to listen to it - and i'm more moved than i thought i'd been!

i don't like most industrial stuff, i'm mostly a positive guy laughing about destructive and negative things. and i though laibach would belong into the destructive, nihilist ego-grinders... but this album shows that they are capable of a wide range of different sides. as a whole i find this record very confusing - in a positive way! some tracks are really sweet and smooth, and in that context the brutality of some others shows even more!

a grand find! and a difficult listen.