Thursday, 24 January 2008

HONEY MOON (feedback to your e-mails)

Dear AuralFriends,
the following to say a big, huge, immense, THANK YOU to all of you who came in contact with me via e-mail.

It is very stimulating to see that the Musick I post is so largely appreciated from all of you...this gives to me a lot of ENERGY and I think that, in the future, I'll post more often than at each Esbat and Sabbat.

Anyway, don't expect one-album-a-day from this blog; my philosophy is that "less is more" and therefore I want to give you the time to listen carefully to the musick, understand it and let it flow through your body, mind and soul.

Before closing I want to publish a (greatly appreciated) letter I received today and which, believe me, well summarizes the Spirit of everybody who wrote me during this months!

Love you all friends,

Hi Margot
I have never given you any feedback on your generous posts, probably because I am lazy. Initially I found a lot of it quite obscure to my previous tastes.

As I write I am listening to Jocy De Oliveira. I love the contrast between the first and second track. It's like all these voices bouncing around chaotically, hyperactive like a child with nobody or no toy to play with. Followed by a beautiful inertness.

It doesn't end there either.

"Witch hunt and the rites of Samhain" is also fantastic. I am Irish so I can hear the similarities between this and traditional Irish music. Trying to learn that Brian Boru tune on guitar at the moment, I have heard it a million times before but it's great to get it from a different perspective.

This latest post of Dead Raven Choir is fucking amazing. I write bits of songs and silly poetry myself from time to time. I would do anything to be able to express the sombreness and solemnity which 'Mr Smolken' has done so on this album.
I don't know you Margot, but I'd say that you are a wonderful person.

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