Wednesday, 17 March 2010

EOSTRE (21 March 2010)

The musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:



Original Issue: 1992 Review (rere 174 cd)


Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5


1 Dream Hunters 10:02
2 Hawaiian Office 1 4:32
3 Khazar 4:43
4 Can-nibals I 5:28
5 Lofoten Part II 6:18
6 Can-nibals II 5:43
7 Ping Pong Anthropology 4:33
8 Hawaiian Office II 2:45
9 Exhausted Pipes 13:55


from All Music Guide:

Ping-Pong Anthropology defies categorizations. Two members of the 13th Tribe, German Werner Durand and Norwegian Erik Balke, perform on invented instruments, mostly wind instruments without finger holes, which are actually assemblages of PVC tubes of various lengths. The third musician, Brazilian Silvia Ocougne, provides cyclic rhythmical structures on prepared guitar. Percussionist Pierre Berthet appears as a guest on three tracks. Durand and Balke play games of "call and response" (reproduced in stereo, they do sound like a ping-pong game) over Ocougne's cycles, each one moving at his/her own pace, periodically losing the others and catching up on them.

This process creates soft, unreal, slow-evolving textures belonging to both meditative and avant-garde music. Because of its ritualistic patterns and similarities between the Tribe's devices and such autochthonous instruments as the didjeridoo, the Alp horn, or even the pan flute, this music has a distinctive exotic quality. Somewhere between the Andes and Australia probably lies an island where the 13th Tribe's music may be used for the religious ceremonies of a postmodern civilization.

François Couture


Anonymous said...
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Gabriela said...

awesome, thanks for posting this! sounds like it'll be quite the headtrip :)

Anonymous said...

Huge quality !!!thanks

Victoria said...

Not at all what I expected, but definitely tasty. It's spare, soothing, gently complex, and just a little bit silly-- it reminds me a bit of Richard Crandell, in the best possible way. Thanks for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Is the link working? I tried and it showed a erros message... The same to the Mnortham link...
and thanks for the blog!!

Margot said...

Works fine now on my PC! Try again