Wednesday, 30 July 2008

ALCHEMICAL MOON (transformation musick)



Original Issue: 2004 Samadhi Sound (sound cd ss003) Buy it here!


Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5


1382 Wyclif Gen. II. 7 And Spiride In To The Face Of Hym An Entre Of Breth Of Lijf. (6:18)
1390 Gower Conf. II. 20 I Can Noght Thanne Unethes Spelle That I Wende Altherbest Have Rad. (7:24)
1440 Promp. Parv. 518/2 Wawyn, Or Waueryn, Yn A Myry Totyr, Oscillo. (6:36)
1483 Caxton Golden Leg. 208 B/2 He Put Not Away The Wodenes Of His Flessh With A Sherde Or Shelle. (21:15)
1559 W. Cuningham Cosmogr. Glasse 125 Within Which Draw An Other Circle, A Finger Bredth Distant. (0:44)
(Gorgeous Curves Lovely Fragments Labyrinthed On Occasions Entwined Charms, A Few Stories At Any Longer Sworn To Gathered From A Guileless Angel And The Hilt Edges Of Old Hearts, If They Do In The Guilt Of Deep Despondency.) (6:09)
1671 Milton Samson 1122 Add Thy Spear, A Weavers Beam, And Seven-Times-Folded Shield. (8:06)


from Samadhi Sound homepage:

What Rabelais has come up with in Spellewauerynsherde, is a haunting spiritual disk that sounds at once medieval, especially framed by Rabelais' beautiful texts, while at the same time, on the cutting edge of electronic music.

Digital technologies, with their use of permutation and combination of seemingly unrelated elements, bring us back to the world of magic, which also sought to transform matter in ways that give it spiritual significance.

Spellewauerynsherde brings back voices from the edges of history, tapes gathering dust in archives, and transforms them into ghosts that thrive in the digital era, albeit in sometimes monstrous forms.


from Boomkat:

Akira Rebalais is an artist cloaked in mystery, try unlocking the secrets on his magical website, an Irdialesque warren of coded messages, revelatory software programs, cryptic poems and serious essays.


Undertaking a project to transfer from tape to digital some old tape recordings of Icelandic vocal lament songs presumed to have been recording in the 1960's Akira claims to have been completely obsessed by them to an extent where he wished to incorporate the vocals into his own music.

'1382 Wyclif Gen. ii. 7' - the single voice swept up into an echoic overlapping framework, subtely falling apart until a strong wind blows across a group of microphones - astonishing.

'1390 Glower Conf. II.20' is a more melancholic song, one which would lie perfectly within context in one of Ingmar Bergman's stark films like 'Winter Light' and 'Shame'.

'1440 Promp Parv. 518/20' finds Akira hightening the ghostly quality of this vocal through reverb, echo and subdued time stretch that would make a Chris Morris disturbathon sketch even more effective.

'1483 Caxton Golden Leg, 208b/2' stretches out for over twenty minutes feeling like a floating fogbound rework of Gyorgy Ligeti's 'Lux Aeterna'.

To round up 'Spellewauerynsherde' brings to myself memories of loved one's passed, favourite films that haunt your consciousness for weeks after viewing and make you want to revisit your favourite spiritually enhancing CD's.

Not many album's will move you in quite the way that this album does. Believe.


Lambda said...

this is one my favorite album ever. awesome fashionable intimacy recording from past to future.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Isaac said...


so glad to see Akira make his way onto the wheel. i know i have been less-than-present with "keeping the circle unbroken" and providing comments. anyone interested in akira's work should definitely check out his wonderfully labyrinthine website:

also, as far as i know, much of his other work is available online (BUY IT WHEN YOU CAN!):


Elongated Pentagonal Pyramid:

Eisotrophobia (my personal fav):

many more if you dig around!

happy listening

Anonymous said...

thanks margot, i'm intrigued.

cpm said...

Amazing! Thanks again!

Carlo said...

Thanks Margot, very interesting

Anonymous said...

rabelais certainly fits this website, can't wait to hear this slice of sonic obscura, loved the slim westerns, heathaze, perfect title for one of the cuts and all of them generally,.. keep flying the colours............. anthony

W. said...


Thank you, I shall search out hard copies.

quique said...

it's beautiful music...thanks, margot

caravan70 said...

Absolutely lovely music, Margot... many thanks. I found Rabelais' site intriguing as well; much to discover and experience there!