Friday, 14 March 2008

SACRIFICE MOON (offering musick)

kindly donated by Rob Vomit


Original Issue: 1970 Top Tape (TT-1000)

Reissue: 2004 World In Sound ( WIS-1025) Buy it here!!!

Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5

1 Turpe Est Sine Crine Caput
2 Não Fale Com Paredes
3 Espêlho
4 Lem - Ed - Êcalg
5 Ôlho Por Ôlho, Dente Por Dente
6 Metrô Mental
7 Teclados
8 Salve-Se Quem Puder
9 Animália

from Aquarius Records

Super fuzz wah guitar and organ jamming stoner psych-prog from Brazil, circa 1970. Nine tracks packed with sinewy jams, trippy fx, weighty grooves... definitely appealing to the same head-space as contemporaries like Iron Butterfly, Dug Dug's, Captain Beyond, Speed Glue & Shinki, Hendrix, Flower Travellin' Band, etc.

Here's a quote from one of the band members, the organist, that ought to give some flavor of what they were all about: "The music of Modulo 1000 had its own appeal to an audience that wanted a heavy, raw, experimental, psychedelic sound. Our kind of music did not make it to the radio stations. It was too wild. The distribution of the record was done in a very limited way. The record label directors, which probably didn't understand or even didn't like our music, did zero promotion for the LP." Thus, one darn heavy, weird, and utterly rare record!

from Progressive Homestead

What makes their sound so unique are the musical experiments within the style of the harsh sounds of heavy psychrock. Just listen to the keyboards combined with guitar in rhythmic psychedelic pulses on several tracks, like on the strong opener, “Turpe est sine crine caput” (=”hairless head is ugly”), sung in a distorted voice. Here is shown a clever inventiveness of the organist using a dead simple idea to a level of psychedelic effectiveness by lifting it up to a combination with rhythms and guitar playing, in a very original way, and with some wah-wah effects. Elsewhere roaring guitar solo’s and complex changes in rhythms and very small improvised free forms uplift the genre of the already effective psychedelic rock genre to something different with an extra originality.
The album gained much later a legendary status amongst collectors, and also a musical historical value for progressive and psychedelic music in Brazil. The album at that time did not receive any promotion and was not understood by radio or commercial music promoters. So it became almost impossible for the group to survive in the long term with their sound, even when they had their own followers who were looking for such a deeper-down-into-rock psychedelia, a certain rawness combined with creativity.


Margot said...
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Anonymous said...
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Margot said...

Thanks for you last offerings. Here's something to you ( well, in case you don't have it already ...) :



Sorry Josef, this is really a new one. I cannot post the link.
I know that my friend Mark Coyle already complained about posting download links to this compilation.

Hope you understand :-D

Anonymous said...

Of course I understand ... As you have comment moderation activated, I sent those links on the comment. If there were not comment moderation, I would have sent them to your e-mail adress. Obviously, there's no problem with me ... and thanks again, Margot.


Margot said...

you're a kind guy! Thank you for the support to this blog.

Anonymous said...

I (we who come here ...) am the one who has to thank you ... Love is the law ...


EXU said...

My God, this blog just never ceases to amaze me. Thank you!

CouCou said...

Wiered and intersting master piece, high craft qlty, keep on blogging Margot,
Last year I fonded on a blog an album I loste since, White Noise, If you ever ear about it will be nice to share,

any way after enjoying this colector album, I'm gona try to find BS paranî LOL (more teenaged oriented)

Margot said...

You can find White Noise here:

Stay tuned!

Shane said...

I agree with the organist...wild stuff here. Love it. Thanks.

eric said...

This is a great LP,thank you for posting it. I had never heard of this group,it is great to hear exciting new sounds.

colin said...

Wow, heavy stuff. They don't have this one over at the fantastic loronix.blogspot....
If the moon was blood red and i had an urge to go out and murder someone, i'd stick this on. I don't feel like that too often tho, thankfully.

Many thanks for this :)