Tuesday, 11 March 2008

RED MOON (musick & other arts)


Original Issue: 1993 P.S.F. (PSFC-32) Buy it here!!!

Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

01 - #1025 Unfolding
02 - #1025 Sounds Beyond
03 - #1032 Here And Now
04 - #1032 Here And Now Part II

from Volcanic Tongue

Harry Bertoia was an inventor, designer and musical instrument builder who assembled a series of visually-appealing sound sculptures that sang in gorgeous, otherworldly codes. Bertoia made a whole series of records featuring the sounds of his inventions on his own Sonambient label and this fantastic archival release from PSF makes a clutch of the recordings available once more. You could spend days inside this disc and anyone who ever enjoyed the slow nocturnal drones of Alan Lamb’s wire music, Dreyblatt’s strings or even Takehisa Kosugi’s drone work will have an idea of the essentially phantom nature of the topography. Highly recommended.

from Weirdo Records

Furniture designer who invented a really gorgeous diamond shaped metal chair. It sold so well that he retired to a barn in the Pennsylvania countryside & spent the rest of his life making sound sculptures instead. 360 different tapes of the sculptures are reported to exist. During the mid & late 70s, Bertoia issued some of his favorite cuts from these tapes on a private record label. This cd collects two of those records. Awesome metallic dronescapes and washes made by a jolly gentleman with a pipe.


Margot said...
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Richard said...

As we're in the middle of a minor hurricane over here right now, I have to admit I'm rather enjoying the 'accidental' sound-sculptures going on outside.

This will be a great way to keep the memory. :-)



Anonymous said...

Enjoying the ride. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


Pancetta said...

Thank you. This is fantastic!

(do you have a wishlist?)

Anonymous said...

wow what fascinating music, thank you so much!

Wole said...

Hi !

There's such great stuff here ! :)

Someone ask me to add your blog in my aggregator http://www.wholelottablog.info/. (Maybe it's you, i don't know) but unfortunetaly I can't because you don't have rss or atom feed. Please, let me know if you add a feed to your blog.

Peace !

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, thank you. i really enjoyed the International Harvester disc and now this! you'll making my little ethnomusicology heart beat somewhat faster. i'll have to put you on my list of people to send some tapes to when we get to "pressing" them, i think based on your blog that you'll really enjoy them. take care now


Anonymous said...

Amazing, thanks. :))))

Anonymous said...

25 years ago or so, I had a girlfriend whose father was a sculptor and a friend of Bertoia. She told me about being a kid and going to his studio (or somewhere with a bunch of his sculptures) and being allowed to make them sing. She had an LP that I begged for a cassette of. she obliged, but didn't understand why I would want to listen to it. I still remember the album. It was the first privately pressed album I had ever held. I still remember the strangeness of holding it.

Mister Niles