Saturday, 24 November 2007

FULL BEAVER MOON (24 November 2007)

The Musick dedicated to this Esbat is:


Original Issue: 1981 Fermata (30.024)

Reissue: 2006 Creel Pone (
creelpone32) Buy It

Margot-meter: 3.5 moons / 5

01 - Estória II para voz percussào e fita (1967)
02 - Wave Song para piano e fita (1977)
03 - Dimensòes para quatro teclados (1976)
04 - Estória IV para vozes violino electrônico baixo guitarra e percussào (1978)

My respects to Mr. Brad Rose of Foxy Digitalis for pointing me the way towards this buried masterpiece.

Extracts from liner notes:

Wave Song: the piece motivates a peaceful state of mind, a sort of attaining alpha. the piano part in this version is almost to be transmitted orally. it is not to be improvised but rather developed in the oriental sense as, for instance, in a raga. although the compositional material is planned, it should flow spontaneously. the pianist uses a mode based in the same harmonics heard in the tape. it is performed as softly as possible, light, very fast and superficially as if the fingers were butterflies. the piano is prepared with ping pong balls.

Estoria IV: the electronic violin is an instrument made by "vitar" with five strings. the performer uses the pitches from the raga "vibhasa" to develop his part. the violin and the bass guitar parts should blend completely. my concern for the bass guitar as well as for the percussion was to find new sonorities. this whole piece was played live without any prerecorded effect.


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