Friday, 30 November 2007

BLUE MOON (by request)


Original Issue: 1980 Private (30.024)

Reissue: 2006 Underground Masters (
UM 012CD) Buy It

Margot-meter: 3.5 moons / 5

01 - Intuition
02 - Une Lettre Pour Alpha Diallo
03 - Vous Et Moi
04 - Le Boumerang
05 - Pour Miranda
06 - La Revolution
07 - L'Amococadis
08 - Des Millions D'Etres Humains
09 - Tiens Voila La Lune

One Review:

One of the rarest French acid folk song albums was released only in Denmark.
It has delicate often double layered finger picking guitars, flute, some bongo (played like tabla), and occasional violin and beautiful harp, with beautiful serene or evocative, slightly protesting, contemplative songs.

Jean Yves Tourbin introduces the album : “Today, humanity has reached its highest degree of ignorance on all levels, in all spheres, political, economical, social, religious, artistic, ..We are at the foot of the wall. What we are doing right now, is just a last mending before the wall is going to break down. In the very near future, we are going to experience the biggest revolution of all time, the end of an illusion. Let us be in harmony with ourselves and the universe, and our actions will be music.”

The album listens like an expression of one big thought, in acoustic, often rhythmically-hypnotic music.

The album is listed as a maximum star rarity of stone acid folk/progressive psyche-folk in Philleas Folk collector 2005 listing French acid folk collectors.


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