Tuesday, 28 August 2007

FULL STURGEON MOON (28 August 2007)

The Musick dedicated to this Esbat is:


Original Issue: 1970 Philips (6630 002)
Reissue: 2007 Captain Trip Records
(CTCD-583-585) Buy It

Margot-meter: 3 moons / 5

Disc 1: Trip

a) beginning
b) analysis of tune
c) to hear inside
d) a very simple song

a) misty tour
b) water sound
c) television
d) organ dreams (a very simple song)

Disc 2: Flip Out

a) children's golden dream
b) to become a child
c) children's golden dream

a) everything returns
b) indian child
c) the theory of relativity

Disc 3: Meditation

a) atomical fantasy (electronic)
b) incarnation
c) childhood's church
d) life train
e) dream of love and death
f) atomical fantasy

a) verdi's soul born again
b) mind beat
c) himalaya's way
d) heaven bridge
e) out of time
f) atomical fade out

03-I'm A Melody Maker (Bonus Track)

04-A Very Simple Song (Bonus Track)

A Review:

This remarkable artefact from the underbelly of the Krautrock movement was released by the famous Philips label in 1970 as a triple album in an exotic metallic gold and silver sleeve with a small circular mirror mounted on the front cover.

The music contained on these records was a mad mix of primitive electronic experimentation, fractured folk song and playground chanson, all of which was meant to illustrate the Trip-Flip Out-Meditation theme of the album's title.

How Philips (who were also responsible for such ground breaking releases as the first two Kraftwerk albums and Cluster's important and influential debut) decided to front the considerable production costs such an extravagant release would demand is mysterious, but according to one source who was present at the time Zweistein were the product of a romantic obsession.

The resident producer at Philips was apparently infatuated with a young fraulein who had an uncontrollable urge to make a record and get it released. Under the cover of darkness when the studio was empty Zweistein were allowed to experiment using whatever equipment they could lay their hands on. Presumably as the project became more adventurous the tape recorders were left rolling, hence three records instead of one.

On top of this a single ('I'm a Melody Maker' b/w 'A Very Simple Song') that didn't make it on to the triple was issued in a picture sleeve, but this too failed to attract any attention despite its more Eurovision approach. The producer was fired shortly after Trip-Flip Out-Meditation blundered its way onto the record racks. In a matter of weeks Zweistein's epic was deleted and sent to the vinyl junkyard never to be heard or seen again. 'Not recommended!' warns Dag Erik Ashjornsen in his German progressive and electronic rock guide Cosmic Dreams at Play.

A warped masterpiece! Say I.
You choose who to believe.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with us! I really am delighted by what I found there!

Margot said...

Thank you, my friend!
Your comments are very important to me.
I will not post a lot (check every full moon, solstices, ...) but I will bet everything on quality :)

Margot F.

Anonymous said...

First time ever I see this complete (and with top-quality covers too).
Will be visiting your blog MORE THAN OFTEN!


frostymug said...

Excellent first post! Look forward to more in the future. Just ask if you are looking for anything in particular. Vinyl sharity forever!

Margot said...

Thanks Frostymug. Check this blog every full moon, solstice, ...

Yeah, I love music that is spiritual, music that enlighten...music to enter in an Aural Satori state.

By the way, if you have complete versions of one of these, please tell me:

A Cid Symphony - A Cid Symphony
Yellow Autumn - Children Of The Mist

Margot F.

Anonymous said...

Top quality post, Margot!
I've listened to it and then (immediately) ordered the original.
Keep on posting!

Willard said...

Wow... this is a great post. Many thanks. We've added a link for you over at our blog, Never Get Out Of The Boat. Good luck on the new blog. Can't wait to see what's next.

Margot said...

Thanks Willard.
Return to this blog every Full Moon and Wicca festivals.

Margot F.

P.S. I used to be a big Fripp-fanatic in the past :) Robert was my first (not-only)guitar hero

Jblake said...

Thank you so much for the great material, I'm looking forward to your future posts!

frostymug said...

Lost in Tyme has A Cid Symphony here: