Friday, 21 September 2007

MABON (21September 2007)

The Musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:


Original Issue: 1996 Barooni (BAR 013)

Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

01 - Nuuk

02 - Aubrite
03 - Grohuk (Day)
04 - Takla-Makan
05 - Grohuk (Night)

Thank you to Mr. Thomas Köner for changing my life with this masterpiece.

A Review:

...So is Thomas Köner an Anton Bruckner for the wired generation?

This is the man who was quoted as saying, "My music becomes fully connected to my retirement from the external life."

There is a symphonic sense of scale about this, his fourth full length CD release on the Amsterdam-based Barooni label.

A misty, unresolved chord that just hovers in the distance; a sub-bass rumble every few seconds that needs a better hi-fi than mine to do it justice - I can hear my amplifier grinding its teeth.

A breathy, orchestral quality to the sound, and an overall smoothness that makes all Köner's work recognisable. He credits Steffen Kawalek for the "custom made analog filters" - so there you are, he does have contact with other people after all.

I may nod off a few times during a Thomas Köner album, but I still believe he's touched with genius. I'm ready for the "TK" baseball caps, T-shirts and stickers with a suitably Isolationist slogan - how about "Lost in Sparse"?

Clive Bell - The Wire 145 - March 1996


Keetja Allard said...

very this album still available for download?
thanks for the amazing COIL- Remote Viewer...back for more!

postparanoid said...

isolationism... what an inventive tag!