Saturday, 19 December 2009

YULE (21 December 2009)

The musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:

SCHÜTZE PAUL (feat. Köner Thomas)

THIRD SITE (46 Deg 37' 00'' N 9 Deg 12' 00'' E)

Original Issue: 1999 Rykodisc (RCD 10464)


Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5


1 The Surface Of The Eye 8:47
2 The Skin Of The Face And Neck 3:19
3 The Head, The Soles Of The Feet, And Arm 11:10
4 The Palms Of Both Hands 14:23
5 The Breath 9:37



The recently completed Thermal Baths complex in the Swiss alpine village of Vals is already regarded as a structure of international architectural importance. A remarkable building which is embedded in the mountainside and fuses both the local stone and the thermal spring water into an environment where all the senses are sharpened by the acute intelligence of the structure and its conception.

My aim in continuing the Site series with this particular structure is to explore in detail the experience of the baths in the context of sense memory, sound mapping/recording and the shaping of a poetic narrative within the rooms and cells at Vals.

As with the Jantar Mantar project (Second Site) I want to evoke the physical and poetic presence of this site using sound and spoken text. Peter Zumthor's work is distinguished by his exemplary use of materials and I have attempted to draw analogies between the ways in which our memories of touch and sound connect to the sense presence of complex man made spaces. I am also interested in the parallels between the internal organisation of thoughts and sensations and the external experience of moving through designed spaces.

The end product of this process is both a stereo recording and a more complex split channel version made to be installed within another space. The idea being to superimpose the presence of the first space within the volumes of another unrelated space. The "libretto" contained within both of these works will be published along (I hope) with some notes by and an interview with the architect. It is my intention when installing this work within another space to incorporate video material generated at the site as well as still images. The design of the installation will also try to reinforce the experience of the original space.

Paul Schütze


Anonymous said...
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Alchemical Music said...

This sounds promising!

catskin_gloves said...

That was about the most DRY description of music I have read in my 33 years...
Hopefully its good!

Margot said...

Not a masterpiece but a must-have for all the Koner-headz like your Margot :)

Anonymous said...

cool margot, and merry xmas, anthony

prince zaleski said...

wow, i didn't know about this record!

i've been wanting to visit that architecture since when it was built: Zumthor is one of the architects with the highest sense of space, light and sound.
so this record really makes me curious...

grazie mille! :)