Wednesday, 3 December 2008

PINK MOON (feminine musick)


FLOWERS OF EVIL (An Electronic Setting Of The Poem Of Charles Baudelaire)

Original Issue: 1969 Limelight (LS-86066)

Reissue: 2006 Creel Pone (#47) Buy it here!!!


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5


1 The Clock (3:03)
2 Evening Harmony (4:05)
3 Lover's Wine (3:01)
4 Owls (2:48)
5 Mists And Rains (2:10)
6 The Irremediable (4:58)
7 The Cat (3:31)
8 Spleen (2:56)
9 The Litanies Of Satan (6:56)


from Mimaroglu:

... back again after last week’s mishap (don’t ask) with an absolute corker of a creel pone - the setting of a set of poems by charles baudelaire to electronic instrumentation & vocal treatments, as realized by ms. ruth white in mid-1969.

a sampling of any of the text(s) below (baudelaire was heavy, man...) should tip you to just how creepy & dark the vibes emanating from within this record are exactly. ms. white’s posessed monotone-through-echoplex-through-vclfo-gate throughout is just bone-chilling, her howling synth & noise backdrops so perfectly capturing the “southern” essence of the text that it’s hard to believe that these poems weren’t conceived in the era they were realized here (the just pre-altamont “downer” hippie zenith), but in fact in the middle of the 19th century!

certainly a creel pone more on the psych-end of things, but nonetheless a bizarre and terrifying vision into futures past-future that should speak to the inner satanist. those who felt the “doomy” waves warping out of the warren jepson creel pone should follow suit herein...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hope your having fun Margot..

I have this CD... and it is scary. Even for little ole me. This is a classic, and highly recommended - as is her earlier release "7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards And Pinions". Never heard her final 1971 release "Short Circut". I usually don't let titles scare me off but I can't help but think of Ally Sheedy chasing a cute little robot scream "5!"

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I love Baudelaire's original poems so I'm very intrigued to hear this one. Thanks Margot.

Sgt. Getraer said...

I also have this album. I listened to it closely the whole way through with headphones on and felt insane after it was over.

sydsid7 said...

thanks for adding me-can't waitto here this!

Anonymous said...

this is in print and very much available at a nice price. support mimaroglu, support keith whitman, post things that don't involve taking money out of the pockets of independent artists who do it for love.

Margot said...

If this is a complain, please contact me through official channels (not as Anonymous)and I'll remove the link, OK?

Anonymous said...

All sounds rather intriguing!