Thursday, 11 December 2008

FULL COLD MOON (12 December 2008)

The musick dedicated to this Esbat is:



Original Issue: 1991 Music Maxima Magnetica (eee-12)


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

The Godz only know how much I love this record...thank you Leithana & Deraclamo for producing such a timeless masterpiece!


1 Our Lady Of The Wild Flowers (5:20)
2 Message To Pan (3:08)
3 Notre Solitude (4:58)
4 Vacuum Quaerens (6:40)
5 Animi Aegritudo (4:47)
6 Reis Glorios (6:07)
7 Silence For Hell (3:58)
8 The Blood, Tomorrow (3:15)
9 Final (4:03)


from Electric Shock Treatment:

I'm not too sure about this one. I find it very hard to shrug off the images and greenery of "Robin The Hooded Man" which arose while listening to these medieval, mythologically inspired compositions. The actual music (harp, lute, piano, guitar, zither) does work extremely effectively, but Leithana's vocals are a little flat. The track titles might give you an indication of the OES sound: Message to Pan, Notre Solitude, Reis Gloria and Vacuum Quaerens. Assisted by Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus, this is a fine album with an original and emotional content.


from Rusmetal:

I don’t know if this LP should be reckoned to ‘black metal archives’, but what the hell, I always considered so-called ‘dark ambient’ as a part of BM, and since ORDO EQUITUM SOLIS play exactly this kind of music and this album is rather old, the review on “Animi Aegritudo” is placed here. If I’m not mistaken, this duo (Leithana (vocals, keyboards) and Deraclamo (guitars, voice)) comes from Italy and their style is dark, barocco (am I mistaken, tell me?!) ambient stuff. This LP consists of nine songs, some of them are really dark, few others bring the reminiscences of early DEAD CAN DANCE, others are somewhat romantic… Since such acts as ARCANA, ELEND, ILDFROST and RAISON D’ETRE were conceived much later, ORDO EQUITUM SOLIS inevitably gathered some attention back then. And they deserved it. This duo created something undoubtedly inimitable, too bad that I haven’t heard anything from them for a long time…


Anonymous said...
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ordoequitumsolis said...

non c'è bisogno che faccia commenti, il mio nick parla da solo....

Anonymous said...

Thank you, margot, again and again!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this one margot, sounds a bit like coil, who i've been listening a lot to lately, or in that vein anyway, like the comparisons anyway, dead can dance, etc., all the best to you and season's greetings! spectacular full moon a few nights ago as i was creeping over a ridge here in town in truck almost smacked me right in the eye it was so close, put me in mind of you... anthony

bikefridaywalter said...

i LOVE this album. already have it, but thanks for sharing it with everyone else, margot!!