Sunday, 2 November 2008

DEUTSCH MOON (non-krautrocksampler musick)



Original Issue: 1973 Menga (MEL 3301)

Reissue: 2002 Garden Of Delights (CD 077) Buy it here!!!


Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5


1. Variety
2. Watercorps
3. Drops
4. Draw conclusions from...
5. Last door
6. More drops
7. All that I remember


from Waxidermy:

This album makes for great and somewhat sophisticated psychedelic nutrition for those hungry heavy heads with a predisposed preference for multi-colored musical edification. Don't get the wrong idea though, this is NOT just some over rated, useless & busy cerebral background filler of an album. Neither is it one of those that has every possible Far East Indian string & percussion gizmo being played all at once. However, it is an amazing and somewhat if not completely, unique Heavy German Prog/Psych classic like no other.

The group Think were comprised of Hungarian, German & Czechoslovakian musicianship. The end result of their amazing collaborative recording was to be completely unpredictable in a comparative sense. For me the results liken themselves to the very best US West Coast Psychedelic influenced Progressive Rock my ears have ever heard. Imagine an instrumentally diverse Rock & Folk version of Captain Beyond crossed with the group Bread. All the while being saturated with a very real lysergic aptitude.

Now, with one ear's foot just outside your armchair bound spacecraft's door, you are at least partly in a nearby musical universe! This album from start to finish is masterful to say the very least and represents one of the most fateful of musical assemblages ever. The group sadly only existed while the music was being recorded and is in fact shrouded in mystery as few acknowledged details exist. The musicians themselves were in part touring Germany within a Hungarian Orchestra troop when they were apparently struck with a streak of repressed rebellion and decided to defect. After talking with the label owner of the German based record label "Menga", the wandering musicians hooked up with another musician or two and proceeded to render their only known official release.

This is a MUST for fans of the genre, and CD & LP reissues do in fact exist.


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Anonymous said...

Margot, would you, if possible, include a link to my auralnightmare blog?



bikefridaywalter said...

I am so happy you posted this, Margot. Why? I loathed it. I found it to be relatively vanilla, trite, psych rock drivel. Now I know you're not perfect! :D Hope you still love me anyways!!

Margot said...

Sure I still love you :-)
but now I'm curious about what you have to say about my latest post (Banasik Igor's Smile)