Thursday, 6 November 2008

CRAZY MOON (incredibly strange musick)



Original Issue: 1992 Sub Pop (SP 101) Buy it here!!!


Margot-meter: ? moons / 5

According to The Wire, one of the 100 records which set the world on fire (but no one was listening)


1 No No Man (Part One)
2 Morning In The Sub-Basement Of Hell
3 More Noise Please
4 The Sport (Part One)
5 Party Balloon
6 Face
7 This Clouded Heart
8 The Man Upstairs
9 The Sport (Part Two)
10 No No Man (Part Two)


Excerpts from Amazon reviews:

Quite simply put, Steven Jay Bernstein (his real name) was one of the most fascinating and talented poets in the last half century.

I used to put this on at the record store I worked out to clear everyone out at closing.

Steven Bernstein was completely unhinged and used that freedom to observe the world from strange points of view and with a level of perception and honesty that is a little disturbing.

Poverty, drugs, self hatred, misogyny, its all here if you like that sort of stuff.And who doesn't?

Prison will not only spin in your CD player, it will make you're heart go in circles.

Forget Rollins, Jessee is where Burroughs & Bukowski meet, & his eyes are not averted.

This is an important voice that will enlighten your sense of imagination, make you laugh, get nervous, and maybe change the way you think or see the world.

Makes Bukowski sound like he had an easy life.


Anonymous said...
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Richard said...

I have to admit I've never heard anything quite like that before...

Nice find Margot. :-)



Margot said...

Totally agree with you, Richard...unfortunately my not fluent knowledge of English is preventing me from fully enjoying this record

derek said...

Wow. I used to listen to this on a cassette tape some punk rock girl made for me about 15 years ago. Some of his lines still go through my head sometimes... "I know where the bottle is but I'm too scared to touch it." Oh the memories...

ignacio said...

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Waiting 4 your answer


Margot said...

comment published. I'm not going to put a link to your blog since our scope is too different. Thanks anyway for your interest in the blog.


Anonymous said...

Excellent Margot! I've been after this for years so many thanks.

Space said...

that was great! what about next a William Burroughs album? thank's for it again...

Roger Camden said...

I'm intrigued by what everyone has to say about this record, so I'll check it out.
I have to say, though, that I don't exactly know what I'm getting myself into.

Anonymous said...

>> I have to say, though, that I don't exactly know what I'm getting myself into.

You never quite do know, do you?

This is an existential issue- keep on trudging in the same tracks, or "spiral out" of the lateral, if I may quote one of my favorite tracks, and find something interesting? This is how I found musick and muzak, in contrast to just music; in contrast to staying hooked onto the life (=medicority) support unit that is radio where I live.
I do have the problem of not being able to spiral out in more everyday issues, though.

Ah, margot...



I'm a big admirer of his writing, I have a tape of him singing some of his songs, he was also a talented composer. No No Man was used for the soundtrack of the Oliver Stone film Natural Born Killers, which help increase the exposure for this release, sadly all to late for Stevie. Thanks for the posting, glad I discovered your blog.


Lambda said...

thank you margot!
another great share

bikefridaywalter said...

i'm surprised i've never heard of this guy because it's freaking fantastic. oh and the background music isn't too bad either :D