Sunday, 13 July 2008

SACRIFICE MOON (offering musick)

Kindly donated by Rousselle



Original Issue: 1998 Mammoth ( 354 980 183-2)


Margot-meter: 3,5 moons / 5

Rousselle lovely introduction to the musick

"Hello Margot, what a lovely job you do with Wheel of the Year! Recently you posted Miranda Sex Garden, a lovely selection. One of the founders, Jocelyn Montgomery released a splendid CD of the works of the medieval mystic Abbess Hildegard Von Bingen in collaboration with David Lynch, of all people! Hildegard, regarded by many as centuries ahead of her time, considered the feminine principle,(the flowering branch) as essential to spirituality. One can argue back and forth about context, whether she is or is not fairly regarded as the "patron saint" of the eco-movement, but her contributions, though suppressed by the church for centuries, endured and have re-emerged with powerful force since the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Her music, which was in many ways centuries ahead of the rest of western music- rooted in the pagan folk melodies she heard as a child, married to the church music, and the Latin structures"


1 Flame And Vision (1:53)
2 Sapientie (3:10)
3 O Tu Illustrata (8:23)
4 Et Ideo (3:21)
5 Viridissima (5:07)
6 Battle And Aftermath (1:41)
7 Gloria Patri (2:31)
8 Lux Vivens (8:22)
9 Deus Enim (2:50)
10 Clarissima (7:21)
11 Orzchis (2:43)
12 Caritas (2:49)
13 Kyrie (2:56)
14 Hodie (2:56)
15 Alleluia (3:51)


from Geocities:

David Lynch goes sacred; dug around in the past and found something to bring back with him.

It's never certain what a man who uses animal carcasses and ants in his hanging art will unearth or create. For example, he has directed truly mesmerizing films from Eraserhead to Blue Velvet. This time he has scraped up some old songs, dusted them off and recruited a talented songstress to add the perfect polish. The new album Lux Vivens is the result.

David Lynch came up with a beautiful new album that explores a few familiar themes – religion, vindication and the contemporizing the past. His artful production presents a smooth, unified recording.

Despite the album's ingenuity, it surely won't be played on B-94 until they start playing 12th Century German sacred music alongside Matchbox 20 and Hanson. In fact, this album not only marks Lynch's return to music; it is also the debut of Jocelyn Montgomery, the album's vocalist.

Lux Vivens came about through Lynch's fascination with the music of an outspoken, 12th century nun. Hildegard Von Bingen was one of the most radical feminists of her time. She was also thought to be a child prophet whose visions culminated in the text "Scivias – Know the Ways." She was even challenged by Pope Eugene III to further prophesy, and eventually was confirmed as a visionary by the pope.

Lynch needed a singer who could make Von Bingen's music her own. Although she had no interest in a recording deal, Jocelyn Montgomery's vocal style attracted Lynch and Lux Vivens is their debut.

Lynch opens the album with "Flame and Vision," which evokes images of a fiery sky and landscapes ravaged by storms. It works to jolt the listener into a curiously introspective mind-set. Each song consumes and haunts you with its surrealism. It's a beautiful revival of an artistic expression that's nine centuries old. This is art in its beauty and texture – layered and complex.

Montgomery's voice echoes as though she were singing in a large abandoned cathedral in outstanding pieces like "Lux Vivens," the title track, and "Sapientie." Montgomery's soprano touches the soul with Von Bingen' s words, deeper each time you press play.

Lux Vivens is incredibly unique. There are no hooks, no gloss and no sheen to the music. It is designed to be as faithful to Von Bingen' s Latin originals. But it's still a very interesting period piece that someone like David Lynch can filter through his vision. Listen with an open mind and leave your prejudices about sacred music at the door.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting up this nice record :-)

Anonymous said...

thank you, i was looking for this for years.

The Gosub Routine said...

this does seem as though it will sound extremely rewarding, so many thanks for dogging this up.


the Duke said...

I'm glad people are enjoying htis. It was available in shops far too briefly, and deserves to be heard. I hope we hear more from Miranda Sex Garden founder Montgomery. I' gla you were able to post this Margot, and Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

Palbo said...

-¡Hay cabecitas de pescado! -¡Hay café!

Anonymous said...

there is a curious lapsus in geocities note: Lux Vivens is written Lux Vixens- sounds more like a russ meyer movie instead of david linch

boneskull said...

this is excellent, thank you again Margot

Anonymous said...

Lady Margot

this is the sort of recording that practically defines the term "lovely"
& it`s also haunting at times.

much thanks for sharing


drfeelgoed said...

Listening to it now, shockingly beautiful music, thank you very much Margot!
Has she recorded/released anything else?

Carlo said...

I can't find the link to download it, anyone can help me, please? thanx

Anonymous said...

I've got to echo Carlo's question: how do you find the download link? You've either hidden it very well, or I'm just not savvy enough to figure it out. -- smitty123

Margot said...

Please read the pink lines and follow instructions's not so difficult...isn't it? ;-)