Tuesday, 15 July 2008

FULL BUCK MOON (18 July 2008)

The Musick dedicated to this Esbat is:


VOLUME 3: SOLARIS (a film by Andrey Tarkovsky)

Original Issue: 1995 Toei Music (TMP 2003)


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

Lucky owners of Volume 1 (Ivanovo Detstvo) and Volume 2 (Andrey Rublyov), PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!

IMO, together with "Eraserhead", this is the most radical soundtrack ever created in film history. A true jewel and a must for any serious lover of thee dark side.


17 Untitled tracks


from All Music:

This is the soundtrack to one of the slowest moving, fascinating, and maddening science fiction films ever made. Directed by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky and based on the novel of the same name by Polish writer Stanislaw Lem, Solaris as a film mesmerized virtually all who saw it with its bright colors, shape-shifting orbs, and hallucinatory frame sequences. Remember though, for all those high-tech sci-fi fans, this was Soviet sci-fi, no special effects that couldn't be made of cardboard, wood, or rubber. This isn't low tech; it's no tech.

One of the things that made the film such a freakout was the soundtrack -- though no one could tell that when they were watching it. It's only now that the music is available as a stand-alone text that this becomes possible. Edward Artemiev and Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov took a spaced-out film and authored a dense yet spacious score.

Heavy on the droning pipe organ and tape-edited effects, the score opens slowly as a conventional theme and drifts very quickly into a music that cannot be named. Electrical sounds of wires shorting out, bubbling noises, and the ever present eeriness of the organ haunting the backdrop make this claustrophobic at times and creepy beyond belief at others. Perhaps the reason is, though, that this is music to give birth to in unknown places (referring directly to the novel and film) and alien spaces.

For contemporary listeners, the reference point might be the long-reverb location and sound-collection methods used by the industrial unit Organum in the late '70s and early '80s as well as 23 Skidoo Nurse With Wound and others. As electronic sound sculptor Hrvatski has stated, Solaris "comes as close to recreating in sound the whole 'space' experience as thought possible." He's not far off, on the music, but the music is way off the map. Awesome.

Thom Jurek


Lambda said...

many thanks, this looks great!

Margot said...

This IS great, dear lambda...trust me :)

Anonymous said...

HI, found you again. My email had started to put you in spam!

Great stuff, opening horizons. Many Thanks.

Kevin said...

have heard great things about this. thanks, as always!

Jonny said...

Artemiev's score for this reminds me somewhat of Lustmord, but 20(!) years earlier...Absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much! Now looking for Stalker...Take care...

myrnaloy said...

just discovered you blog while searching for JA Caesar stuff. Looks great. Anyway, i have all four of the Tarkovsky CDs. Drop me a line.

myrnaloy said...

New to your blog, just found it while searching for JA Caesar stuff. Looks great. Anyhow, i have all four of the Tarkovsky discs. Drop me a line.

Margot said...

Dear Myrnaloy,
don't know how to get your e-mail address...could you get in touch using the form in my blog page?

I'm eagerly waiting to listen to Vol 1 and Vol 2

I totally agree with the comparison with Lustmord...it was also my initial feeling when listening to this (and Stalker's) soundtrack

gert said...

I love Tarkovsky's work, especially Solaris, the first of his movies I saw, many, many years ago. Even on a bad 16mm copy it looked mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing this soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

I'm not moving anymore, awesome

¡Mateo es así! said...

Heavy and ponderous. Good Summertime cruising music. Thanks.


we have a greek edition (double vinyl)of EDV. ARTEMIEF music selections from films: STALKER, MIRROR, SOLARIS. We may rip it in the near future and post it from LA FOLIE DU JOUR. In case moonmusick wants it, moonmusick can also use our blog email for getting it and/or a more personal contact. Although we like your blog we are not very enthusiastic about some dull (in our opinion),indefinite promoting idea of "sickness" and "darkness" implying here.
ARTEMIEF is an important pioneer of ambient music, at least equally important with the so much advertised western heroes of the genre (ENO,german kraut bands, etc). We also believe that neither ARTEMIEF nor TARKOVSKI works are dark.Thanks and we hope to have a further communication.LFDJ

Margot said...

Thank you for your articulated comment. Yes, I own also the "Solaris/Stalker/Mirror" version but I must say that I prefer the extraordinary TOEI editions.

Not really sure about what you intend for "dull idea of sickness and darkness". Well, I'm really into (and love) the dark side but I do not think to pursue it in a dull way.

Could you explain your opinion better?


la folie du jour said...

Haven`t seen any email address - so that i could explain my thoughts extensively - i ll try to use the comment space speaking in briefly:
1. i really have no intention to offend anyone for tastes, personal choices, beliefs...
2.Creations of E. ARTEMIEF, (but also A.TARKOVSKI & STANISLAV LEM) has simply nothing to do with dark, post industrial, disastrous music or art. ARTEMIEF `s explored since, at least early `60, new terrains of electronic, ambient, cinematic composition (and not only) using unfamiliar to others(that time) analogic devices inventively and with a groundbreaking sensibility for " the near silence living spectre". He found out abilities where others (at the recent years)see only vacancies and i believe he can not be compared with modern (technologically only advanced) ruminations of the electronic aesthetics of the last 30-40 years.
3. i believe also that dark side doesn`t really exist. Anything begins to be appeared as "dark" is either imagination, made up (the happy side) or else is false, malevolent, pretendious,fashion, religion, business (the sick side).There is an inclination of admiring/advertising/approving/promoting things (or situations)which attractively appeared to be strange, superficially weird, unexplained, not well understood - in a word "dark". Behind of it i see only confusion, lack of meaning, indefinism, stereotypes, commerciality,goth lifestyling, a deep contempt for clarity also.
4. Of course you, margot,have probably nothing to do with these things, and you dont really have to take it personally. Your post for ARTEMIEF is simply so good that inevitably it caused the conversation. Anyway... if word dull (used as the opposite of "clear") sounds strange i take it back. I spoke too much. Thank you for hosting (bearing)me here.
Be well. Keep giving the wheel of things you love its turning.LFDJ

Pancetta said...

This is my favorite thing you've offered, and that's saying a lot.

Jonny said...

I agree with Pancetta, this is so good, I just had to comment again, been listening to it nonstop since last Tuesday! I also see some of the points that LFDJ made...It just goes to show how powerful this music is when it opens up discussion...Take care...

Anonymous said...

Hey Margot,

Has the link for this post been removed. I can't find it!


Anonymous said...

Dear Margo,
I really like your blog. And I liked this post a lot...
The sounds are made with an ANS synthesizer, the same used by Coil in their ANS boxset: http://thresholdhouse.greedbag.com/release/~ans/
if someone posted it the milky way would be a better place to fill-in-the-blanks.


Anonymous said...

heres a link to the other albums, missing the first disc though (Ivanovo Detstvo, I think)


derek said...

Thanks so much for this! I would love to get a hold of the other releases in the Artemiev/Tarkovski series. The more recent CD of so-called Solaris/Mirror/Stalker soundtracks was a horrible re-interpretation, nothing like the authentic sounds found on this release! I have a huge interest in Artemiev and the ANS synthesizer in general, so this was really a treat! If anyone can provide a working link to the others in this series, please drop me an email at the name "derek" at the internet domain "umatic.nl". Thanks + Best! D.

Margot said...

there are 4 remarkable CD issued by TOEI Japan (and very hard to find...) about which you can read more here:


You can download some complete albums here:


and find the covers here:


derek said...

Margot, thanks for the links. The http://en.tarkovsky.ws/music/ page is suspended by their provider, however. Pity... perhaps you could post the Mirror/Stalker disc later on your blog? Best! D.

Anonymous said...