Sunday, 20 April 2008

FULL PINK MOON (20 April 2008)

The Musick dedicated to this Esbat is:


Original Issue: 1994 Beyond ( RBADCD 9)

Reissue: 1995 Waveform (85102-2) Buy it here!!!

Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5

1 Triple Gem Of Wisdom
2 All Our Ancestors
3 House Of The Waters
4 Stillpoint In Motion
5 Rainfall
6 Illumination
7 Shiva Descending

from Amazon:

Put your headphones on, adjust the levels to achieve maximum results, close your eyes, open your heart, breathe deeply and take in all the sensations this disc will provide you. Light a stick of incense while you're at it; it'll enhance the experience. When you listen to this disc you embark on a transcendental journey from within.

This is music with an Eastern flair, complete with water drums, clay pots, flutes (Chinese and Bansuri) , chants and various percussion instruments that are blended with samples, synths and loops for an otherworldly experience. Although it is heavy on the Eastern vibe, like meditative monks dancing through your head, the universal appeal of this ambient world music goes beyond religions into the realm of spirituality.

This is a good disc to listen to focus your attention within and reach out to the world around you. It is extremely peaceful, relaxing and not in the least bit boring since the exotic nature of the instruments holds your attention quite well. This music shadows the distant past, the unknown future and the mystery of life. Recommended as a backdrop for those meditative moments in life.

Enrique Torres


Margot said...

Sadly, something similar to what occurred to the lovely "" is happening to this blog.

Anyway, if you still want to discuss about thee musick ;-) feel free to drop me a line at:

See you, Pals

jon! said...

Ah geez, what is wrong? What happened on that other blog? Are you leaving??? Argh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chére Margot :

J'ai trouvé cela par hasard :

Au revoir,


Anonymous said...

OOPS !!! Someone arrived first with the Tamia link ... but here's another one :


Margot said...

Thank you, Josef :)
Now you could you help me finding the Dead Raven Choir albums in the wishlist. Really hard task :)

Nahuel said...

Awesome upload, as usual!

anemic said...

i am blown away. :)

thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Margot : I'll do what I can about Dead Raven Choir ...


Jan said...

I am looking forward to hearing this, Margot. Thank you!

"Fiesty" FistoTclown said...

Just a simple Thank You for the beautiful work you have put forth here.