Thursday, 24 April 2008

DUTCH MOON (trip musick)

I'll be in Holland (with two witch friends of mine) for a short vacation from April the 25th to May the 3rd. I will reply to your beloved comments as soon as I return!

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Original Issue: 1983 Cryonic (INC 1153)

Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5

1. Légendes: La Forêt qui Avance
2. Céréemonie
3. Errance
4. Cortège des officiels
5. Au-delà des vallées
6. Migrations
7. Légendes: Le Bruit du Fer

from Ground and Sky

Art Zoyd's fifth album from 1983 sees a slight turn away from the strictly acoustic nature of their work to date towards the increasing incorporation of electronics and tape effects in their music. A typical example, the nine-minute Cérémonie sounds like a wedding procession from Hell, with dark marches reminiscent of Present building in intensity to resemble a faster section from Univers Zero's Ceux du Dehors, and at times recalling the cacophony of Art Zoyd's first album.

In general, the music alternates between ominous, plodding parts with minimal instrumentation (usually a solo piano or organ) and faster, more frantic sections led by trumpet and strings. Comparisons to other neo-classical bands such as Univers Zero or Present are obvious, although there is a drier, more acoustic feel to this due to the absence of some of the jazzier aspects of the latter bands.

A strong album and likely my favorite by this band. Like Univers Zero, these guys reached a peak with the fusion of their acoustic string-led sound with a smidgen of keyboards and electronics. Also like Univers Zero, they would experience a decline based on the increased reliance on the latter. Definitely recommended.



Margot said...
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Lambda said...

many thanks margot, never heard this one and it looks very interesting!

Anonymous said...

The mighty WFMU radio has spotted some good music blogs here :

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Margot, for this fine post! Please enjoy your vacation.

Gloq said...

This is a great post, thank you very much !

pyrrhon69 said...

Thanks. I'm a fan and didn't have this one.

Margot said...

Thank you (as usual) Josef!

It's always a pleasure for me when my work is acknowledged on such a reference site!

Margot said...

Sorry Jeloca!


Anonymous said...

the email postings are a wonderful idea: your blog is a real treasure trove and the way you present it - an unbroken circle - is more accessible for a "leech" like me to say thanks for this labor of love of yours: presenting/reminding us of work of phantastic individuals/groups... I mail this while listening to Art Zoyd: incredible musick, indeed!


soundhead said...

thank you for this one.

jA said...

Sounds great - thanks... and have a great break :]

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