Sunday, 24 February 2008

STONED MOON (pscikadilik musick)


Original Issue: 1991 Creation (CRESCD085)

Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5

1. To Here Knows When
2. Swallow
3. Honey Power
4. Moon Song


from Amazon:

On Tremolo My Bloody Valentine create a mini-album that would be played right after Loveless and sound like a continuation more than anything. Tremolo also is a great record all by itself, it grooves and moves in all the right places, and sounds like it was recorded through the same hazy druggy sensualness that graced Loveless. However at times the drums seem even lower in the mix than on Loveless, which adds to its' dreaminess, which I guess is the point, but really I think the drums should have been more prominent, but hey whatever, it still sounds great. All in all I highly suggest picking this up if you're a MBV fan and already have Loveless and Isn't Anything.

Karl Haikara

If you've just gotten in to My Bloody Valentine with "Isn't Anything" and their classic "Loveless", the Tremolo EP is absolutely one of the best places to look afterwards for new songs. Coming off like a series of lost songs that didn't make it onto "Loveless", Tremolo is slightly more accessible (albeit just as beautiful) than their albums, and contains the superior version of the song "To Here Knows When" (the outro to this version fits the song FAR better than the distorted heavy metal one on "Loveless").

"Swallow" is simply breathtaking. Far-Eastern sounding strings and percussion float gently across Bilinda Butcher's dreamy vocals to make this goosebump inducing collage of sound. I have no idea why this never made it onto any of their records.

"Honey Power" is more of a rock-oriented track, with it's catchy, driving grungy guitars, but around the 2/3 mark, it transforms into a sleepy acoustic section that also manages to give you goosebumps.

"Moon Song" is strange, even by MBV standards. It's cold, stark, and contains none of the other song's warmth, but is still stunning, nonetheless, with Kevin Shields melancholy singing that intertwines perfectly with the melody.

With their 3rd album expected shortly after this EP was released, one might expect a rush job. Instead, you get a miniature masterpiece from one of indie rock's most legendary bands. What an excellent surprise.



Margot said...
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Anonymous said...

Thx a lot it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have this one & the Charlemagne Palestine : great music. And my favourite among the ones you shared here lately :Charms Cut From Our Trees / the Shirley Collins / Eckart Rahn / Porter Ricks /



Anonymous said...

MBV is always a good time, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much, I'm looking forward to hearing this one...

Anonymous said...

let's see if my girlfriend agrees....
thanks margot

Pancetta said...

I always thought that Tremolo and Glider were way the hell better than Loveless. The b-sides on those eps outshine the bulk of Loveless.

Margot said...

I agree with you, pancetta.
It is also my opinion that Tremolo is MBV at its very best!

Jan said...

Margot, thank you very much for this little jewel!

Dante said...

I have to say that Tremolo was what
I've always had in mind when thinking
of MBV's musical style.

Great EP. Rarely will I ever download
something I don't pick apart the songs
to but this one is definitely well
placed in all touches of the art.

Thank you for uploading it, Margot.
It's greatly appreciated.
Even more so since it was the songs
I could find no where else.