Saturday, 23 February 2008

BLUE MOON (musick by request)


Original Issue: 2005 Music Your Mind Will Love You (Mymwly0009) (Limited to 100 copies)

Margot-meter: 3,5 moons / 5

1 Nada Baba - Oil Upon Water
2 Golden Oaks, The - Softly Fingered Nail
3 Majik - Horror
4 Snowfox - Gone
5 Keijo - Waving Blue
6 Kageplan - This Is The Golden Age
7 Corsican Paintbrush - Bones Of Ash (Reincarnation Mix)
8 Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood - Precognition
9 Juniper Meadows, The - Pine Needles And Cones, Falling To Earth
10 Alligator Crystal Moth - Carabou Figurines
11 Hush Arbors - Rue Hollow
12 Terracid - Deer Eyed, Horse Skinned
13 North Sea, The - Magnolias Painted With Butterfly Wings
14 Rameses III - The Silent Union Goes To War
15 Blonde Cobra - Floating In The Pond
16 Planidin - I Don´t Know When Or How
17 Soarwhole - Lama Cave Christ
18 Keijo & Free Players, The - On Ahti´s Boat
19 Ffehro - Just Pass Through
20 Greenlanders, The - Coltrane In Stained Glass

from Psychedelic Folk Homestead:

This is a compilation of mostly lo-fi recordings of groups related with the label.
The tracks fit well together. Most of them are loosely made, and are stoned-sleepy, and are somewhat tiresome lazy improvised pieces with no other ideas other than the momentous and unprepared creativity. After having heard many improvisers who have created highly effective improvisations I realized that what it needs is a well prepared mental state and energy to make it work. With tons of ideas that brood like a volcano, even if it’s only prepared as mental stuff, nothing can go wrong in such an improvisation.

What I really hate is the new age feminine mentality or lazy egocentric musicians mentality, that someone can have talent without discipline, or a content through vague loose and lazy intuition. All big improvisers had much more in common than falling back on the feeling of “I have the mentality to do well so it will be good”. Most musicians here fail to touch upon the knowledge and true mysticism, needed how to create a truly high level of energy in such moments.

My favourite track in this style might be the one from the Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. The most moody track perhaps is from Ramases III. More improvised psychedelic and moody too is the track by Blonde Cobra. Also Soarwhole’s contribution is slightly psychedelic.

The album features : Nada, Golden Oaks, Kageplan, Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood, Corsican Paintbrush, Keijo, The North Sea, Rameses III, Blonde Cobra, Soar Whole, Majik, The Juniper Meadows, Terracid, Hush Arbors, Planadin, Alligator Crystal Moths, Snow Fox, Ffehro, Keijo and the Free Players, The Greenlanders


Margot said...
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Anonymous said...

just amazing,thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margot :

I don't know if other people is having the same problem : not even one of the 3 download links is shown when I open the link you gave. It seems an interesting compilation. Thanks,


Ljubinko said...


I barely got your mail that this one is posted, but none of the links seem to be functioning, mayebe its not posted yet ?

Anonymous said...

esto es excelente! gracious mi amiga(o)! soy muy feliz!

Margot said...

It seems that Massmirror refuses to work properly.

Here you have the Rapidshare links :-)

juan f. said...

now works fine,thanks.

Anonymous said...

why rapidshare??? =( mediafire is so much better. ..

Margot said...

This morning I've tried to upload the file both using Sharebee and Massmirror but with no result.

Rapidshare seems to be the most reliable. Maybe I'll use Mediafire when file are bigger than 100 MB.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hey margot, i requested this comp. and im the one that temp. doesnt have an email. how can I get a password? im dying to hear it? any suggestions??? thanks

Anonymous said...

hi margot, i wasn't sure if the message i just sent was accepted so im trying it again just in case. i do not have an email account right now so how can I get the password??? I was thanks

Margot said...

Just write me from another e-mail address (create a Gmail one, in the case). When I try to reply to the one from which you wrote me first, I receive Failure Delivery Notifications.

Margot said...

OK, since you're in trouble (and you've requested this album), I'll make the password public.
It is: VVAA

Enjoy :-)

Anonymous said...

hi margot, many thanks for making this the password public for me. it may be a week or more before i get a new email address. anyway, i know i'll enjoy this very much, and your blog is best. thanks again

mauricio said...

nice blog tanks