Saturday, 24 December 2011



(A Collection Of Wyrd-Folk Music From 1966-1980)

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Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5


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Tracklist (courtesy of

the wicker man: the landlord’s daughter
the incredible string band: invocation
donovan: the voyage of the moon
fairport convention: reynardine
clive’s own band (C.O.B.): solomon’s song
pearls before swine: rocket man
leonard cohen: last year’s man
sandy denny: bruton town
magna carta: elizabethan
steeleye span: lovely on the water
mourning phase: damn your eyes
mythos: oriental journey
perry leopold: the dawning of creation
the woods band: january shows
bread love & dreams: butterflyland
tir na nog: our love will not decay


Anonymous said...

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It's really that simple ;-)

graaf24 said...

Thanks my lady - great gift for my birthday!

blue50p said...

Many Thanks for this - it IS greatly appreciated


Anonymous said...

Dear Margot,

I hardly ever comment... But just letting you know.. I love being able to get these LNL series. I missed them when they first came out - and are such an interesting collection of material that all predates the psych folk revival. Some real hidden gems - Many many thanks & joyful Solstice!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the musick. It really hits the spot.

Treehouse Orchestra Recordings said...

Dear Margot,

I, like anonymous, hardly ever comment but simply must show my appreciation for your offering of this series. Superb.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I love this series.

abeattie23 said...

many thanks for this

Margot F. said...

Thank you guys for your devotion to the blog

Kevin said...

Hi Margot This mix of all types of folk music looks awesome. I especially dig Pearls Before Swine and Fairport Convention. I love that mystical psychedelic folk style that both of these bands have mastered over the years. Been checking out your site for awhile now, and was wondering if you would be willing to add my blog to your links.

It's called Eclectic Grooves and it features lots of similar music to your blog- experimenta. psychedelic, free jazz, etc.

Regards, Kevin

Margot F. said...

Sure Kevin, I'm very pleased to do it :)

Kevin said...

Thanks Margot. I have added you to my links as well.


czkluk said...

thank you for enlightenment. is anyone else noticing audio on tracks 5 through 7 pf Lammas V is fuct, like the source cd was scratched?

Anonymous said...

Yes, some of the tracks skip, no 15 particularly badly.

A gem, like always, nonetheless. Thanks Margot!


dres said...

Ohhhhmmmmm This sounds great!! how can i listen this archeologica masterpiece???? !!

Regrds from Argentina!

Margot F. said...

Just subscribe to the blog. Follow the instructions in the first comment. Tkx