Saturday, 30 July 2011

LAMMAS (01 August 2011)

The musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:



Original Issue: 2000 WKN (WKN 10)


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5


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from Stereo Invaders (Google Translation from Italian :

"The trace of the man who is prone to hunting," fate, oppression, predeterminism, escape, violence, foreboding, anxiety, grief, all this is contained in the title of the album and the music it contains. In perfect consistency with the ideal artistic vision and content by Albin Julius, Der Blutharsch. Dark ambient, martial neofolk with drifts; Titanism atavistic, primal well-commented that it would corrupt the exploits of Roman patricians, or the exploits of the heroic classicism of Prometheus, in constant struggle with adverse fate and divinity. If someone is pushed to label as "sacred music" that consists of Julius would certainly shocking and unorthodox in his thinking, but not so far away from the essence of true. Many ethnic and popular music (folk) got the basics of the Austrian composer to write this "TTOTH". We are in the presence of the usual track list (10) untitled; "let the music do the talking" to put American and undoubtedly contributes to donate so much mystery also the right atmosphere to the project Der Blutharsch. For those wishing to necessarily references, except the understanding that Albin Julius is very unique, I could mention a few moments of Death in June (with which our works well) and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, although compared to the Swedes there is less room for the esoteric and the occult here, however, the greater the interest in the human comedy, made of misery and nobility, power and submission. Albin plays and manipulates samples like no other, creating real works of symphonic ambient neofolk post-industrial, able to lift the soul of the listener and land at the same time. The track number 9 in particular is a sample (shown in full) of a 30s song in German, probably a song that he met his fortune under the Nazis. Fascist and neo-Nazi epithets are often saddled with Julius, so in the past prevented him from concerts in Israel, and this is largely due to the use of iconography and issues close to the Third Reich by Julius. A course nothing is worth the net claim against the person concerned, or his firm will be able to play in the land of David.


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I really missed this album since I only have a vinyl edition. Thanks!!