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(A Collection Of Wyrd-Folk Music From 1966-1980)

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Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5


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Tracklist (courtesy of

the wicker man soundtrack: main theme
anne briggs: standing on your shore
clive’s own band (C.O.B.): spirit of love
water into wine band: waiting for another day
forest: bluebell dance
dulcimer: caravan
the trees: garden of jane delawney
tir na nog: time is like a promise
dr strangely strange: frosty morning
midwinter: waters of sweet sorrow
stone angel: the bells of dunwich
third ear band: fleance
vashti bunyan: rainbow river
tea and symphony: winter
the sun also rises: tales of jasmine & suicide
mark fry: the witch
pearls before swine: images of april


Anonymous said...

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It's really that simple ;-)

graaf24 said...

Thanks, Great series, I remember this some years ago! Look forward to rest of...
pozdrav, Graaf

Margot F. said...

It will take some moons but be patient and you'll complete this lovely series :)

Pagan kisses,

Anonymous said...

what is the password?

Anonymous said...

Follow the instructions in the first comment, please

EcoPagan said...

Amazing, many thanks for share this Margot, and please dont forget to post the rest of the series.

graaf24 said...

I love moons and I’m patient too!Thanks in advance.

blue50p said...

Many Thanks for this

I have heard several of these CDR's and fully enjoy them, leading onto listening to many other tracks/CD's of the musicians involved, on these discs, whose music I didn't know.

Look forward to downloading those I haven't yet heard as (sadly) the originals and website are no longer available.

Lovely Wyrd Music


Anonymous said...

very good