Thursday, 2 October 2008

HALF MOON (medioriental musick)



Original Issue: 1991 Erdenklang (91349) Buy it here!!!


Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5


1 The Ritual Of Maháparinirvána (8:44)
2 Legend Of Yrch (4:48)
3 The Márg Of Excessus (10:05)
4 Hypotaxis (5:11)
5 Kyrie Bhajan (1:24)
6 The Inanis Mantra (2:33)
7 Bhairaví (7:26)
8 Anankhe Gat (5:59)
9 The End (2:07)


from Erdenklang:

"Traditional Musik of Amygdala" offers you an imaginary journey throughout the entire Amygdala Empire in the spirit of the ethno-musicology expeditions at the turn of the century.

"Traditional Music of Amygdala“ is a musicological-sociological fiction with a great past in human culture concerning ceremony of alienation and death, wrapped in rituals and mysteries.

Amygdala (corpus amygdaloideum) is to be found in our brain; hidden there are human "behaviour“, genetically inherited and the instinctsystem formed by culture and environment. The world is being totally reorganized by the modern industrial societies with their overhelming superiority in technology and dynamic expansion, and all the traditional cultures which are alien to their technologically "homogeneous“ societies are doomed to extinction.

Therefore a real possibility exists that the traditional cultures will out before they can get into "world-culture“ circulation. With this mystical, futuristic pictures László Hortobágyi by no means describes an apocalyptic mood. He sensitizes our cultural (listening) consciousness by transporting, in his stories and music, Asian culture images into socio-political surroundings of the future.


from Amazon:

Lâszlô Hortobâgyi - is a Hungarian avant-garde musician and the godfather of "Gâyan Uttejak Society" - an Eastern European society dedicated to the study of oriental music. His music is heavily influenced by North Indian music, but often incorporates a wide variety of instruments, vocals, and arrangements from around the world and from various time periods.

In one of his interviews Lâszlô noted that he sees music as time travel, and his album "Traditional Music Of Amygdala," released in 1991 proves just that. It is a ethnographical, mythical, musical journey to the fictional empire created by the eccentric mind of Lâszlô Hortobâgyi. The name of the album according to the press release comes from Corpus Amygdaloideum located in human brain - "hidden there are human "behavior", genetically inherited and the instinct system formed by culture and environment." Taking this as a starting point, Lâszlô Hortobâgyi creates an entire fictional Amygdala culture, complete with fictional geographical locations, religion, philosophy, etc. Lâszlô Hortobâgyi tells us about Amygdala in nine out-worldly tracks accompanied by fascinating notes written by Lâszlô himself.

"Traditional Music Of Amygdala" is a bizarre, yet beautiful combination of Indian classical music, modern Western computer arrangements, with an occasional vocal or instrumental touch of unidentifiable origin. It's a fantastic music journey that is worth every dollar you spend on it.

Maxim Eremine


Duck said...

I remember this one – the guy's a total lunatic (in a good way!). The liner notes are a hoot – "Amygdala" indeed! I wouldn't mind hearing more recent stuff, if anyone has any ... 8-)

Dean said...

I have never heard of this composer or his music and I have to say that I am very happy to have heard it. I am going to buy it as soon as I can find it! Thank you so much for the music you post!

Dean said...

Awesome, just awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Margot, this one sounds really interesting!

STEFAN M— said...

Lovely stuff, Margot.

We can also recommend his wildly Kraut-influenced, Hildegard von Bingen-meets-Javanese gamelan first record "Transreplica Meccano".

His website at used to have MP3s of all his albums, but the links have long gone.

Stefan M— c/o

Ed said...

this stuff is a rare but great sound research

Ed said...

thanks for share your knowledge... this is realy a rare release with some incredible sound resarch

Anonymous said...

haha, margot!
this jewel sounds interesting even before the very first listen! (as always, I guess...)

Thank you!

bikefridaywalter said...

the whole idea of creating a sort of live museum of cultural musical traditions is intriguing but hearing him develop one-- that's another thing all together. absolutely fabulous!!!

please more!!!

abeattie23 said...

hi margot

back in business after pc problems..there used to be a site that had all this chap's albums.....i found it through kittysplit.........but i think that kittlsplit no longer exits......if anyone knows otherwise please let me know.........peace & love

STEFAN M— said...

FYI, debut album "Transreplica Meccano" now posted on Friendsound --

Stefan M—