Tuesday, 21 October 2008

BLUE MOON (musick by request)


PRAGER CODEX (Songs of Three Brotherhoods)

Original Issue: 1995 Discordia (DISC 050)


Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5

My personal homage to the genius of Autopsia, one the the most underrated and influential groups of the post (martial) industrial scene


1 Hussite - Haeresis (7:32)
2 Hussite - Interdikt (4:42)
3 Hussite - So Erschlugen Wir Ihn Im Vierten Jahr (3:40)
4 Splendor Solis - Destilatio (4:44)
5 Splendor Solis - Lux Aeterna (5:47)
6 Karl Rossmann - In Hora Mortis No.12 (4:25)
7 Autopsia - In Hora Mortis No.12 (Autopsia Arrangement) (4:10)
8 Autopsia - Crowd Together And Work Up At The Sky (10:21)


from Discogs:

Autopsia is depersonalized art project dealing with music and visual production. Autopsia gathers authors of different professions in realization of multimedia projects. Its art practice began in London in late '70ies of the last century, and continued, during '80ies in art centers of the former Yugoslavia. Since 1990, Autopsia acts from Prague. At the beginning of its activity Autopsia issued a dozen of MCs, in the period after 1989, twenty CDs were issued, at first for Staalplaat from Amsterdam, then for German label Hypnobeat and London's Gymnastic Records. Autopsia's music can be found on numerous compilations issued all over the world. One of its compositions is a part of the soundtrack for Peter Greenaway's film "Pillow Book". Music production of Autopsia is associated with a large graphic production which consists of original graphic objects, design of flyers, booklets, CDs and a Web Page autopsia.net, with its offsprings: Autopsia TV and Illuminating Technologies.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

aah, thanks, margot!
I shall check Autopsia out.

By the way, the last two zshare uploads are inaccessible, I fear. At least in the case of the Full Hunter's Moon upload, I get some sort of "file inaccessible" error when trying to download. I hear zshare's lost a court case and this might be a reason for their problems...

Anyhow, best of wishes,

Margot said...

Unfortunately Zshare is performing very bad recently. Will be using only Rapidshare for the future (btw they've sensibly reduced the waiting times).