Friday, 19 September 2008

MABON (21 Semptember 2008)

The Musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:



Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5


some words (taken from a web review) to describe the musick of this post:

...didn't know this even existed...the music is of the most psychedelic kind...entrancing...



barbelith said...

Cheers Margot

Somewhat intrigued...

Have you heard SoiSong yet

Margot said...

Oh yes, the new Sleazy adventure.

Interesting but (imo) not even comparable with the magnificent "Form Grows Rampant"

barbelith said...

i think its better...

Anonymous said...

Margot; thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does Sick Young Life Mean death Of The Heart Maybe?....

Just guessing, it's still downloading...irresistable mystery Margot thanx, whatever it is!

Margot said...

Funny guess, DJ Fromage Frais :-)

You'll enjoy it...that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Taking The Holy Mountain By Strategy

That Margot is a canny lass, I'd promised her a review, but got distracted...when what should arrive but a mystery post...simply entitled: D.S.Y.L.M.D.O.T.H.M...Does Sick Young Life Mean Death Of The Heart Maybe?...minutes later I was proven wrong when XXXXXXXX was revealed. Now the trick with XXXXXXXX is not to listen too carefully, concentrate on something else and let him creep up on you like old age or death...listening to XXXXXXXX you need to heed Douglas Adams' flying instructions: "Aim for the ground and miss"...that way you may just ascend the holy mountain. This irresistible mystery arrived just in time for bed so I put it on repeat to drown out the drunks next door. A brief overview of the four long pieces: 1. A flock of ocarinas trapped in a traffic jam hoot at each other during three quarter of a rush hour. 2. Albert Ayler on pan pipes jams with John Cale in Black Angel's Death Song mode, over percussion random as raindrops which continue into track 3...where Albert hands the pan pipes over to a master musician of Joujouka while John goes for a pee. The Black Angel returns for track 4 over a pleasant harmonium drone to conclude this work of punk ambience...I awoke the next morning having forgotten my dreams, turned up the volume and concluded XXXXXXXX is best dreamed awake. As Alan Vega so wisely said: "It's your dreams that make you free...Dream baby dream..."

DJ Fromage Frais

Anonymous said...

I wasn`t awre of this one , either. A pleasant surprise indeed !

Since I am apparently not allowed to mention who this is by, let`s just say that the previous poster accidentally (and cryptically) told us in his initial guess.
...and that the mention of John Cale gives a big clue as well.

Any fan of thee drone will be thrilled to experience this one, which is by an acknowledged master of the genre.

Many thanks , Lady Margot !

ears truly

"Erik Satie gets my rocks off, Cage is a dream
Philip Glass is mineralist to the extreme

I like tickling ivories and fingering stones
When my mercury goes up I play with my bone

People take for granite my perversion is wrong
I`m not harming anyone by beating my gong
I`m a mineralist, I`m a mineralist

I`ll make love to minerals as long as I can
And in fifty years I`ll be a jaded old man
I`m a mineralist
I`m a mineralist
I`m a mineralist, I`m a mineralist

"I`m a mineralist"
-Robert Wyatt (from Nick Mason`s "Fictitious Sports")

gareth said...

I already had this, but thanks for inviting me to give it another spin. "Concentrate on something else" until it grows into your inner self is really the point: it's also less klaaanggy and aggressive with respect to ******£$$$$$$$'s later work (especially the well renowned album with TXXX CXXXXX), so it's an excellent starting point. I recommend it to fans of %%%%%%, &&&&&& and !!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Here is something just as mysterious on the RootsStrata blog :
(SIT files,but you can unzip it with ExtractNow)


chicken king shultz said...

Thanks Margot...almost as interesting as the music is the dispute the performers had over ownership of it. It may never get an official release, which is why this post is so's got to be heard!

bikefridaywalter said...


this is a good surprise :D

anything that has to do with YOU KNOW WHO (i just got his "blues" album-- you heard that?) is most welcome.