Wednesday, 24 September 2008

DEUTSCH MOON (non-Krautrocksampler musick)



Original Issue: 1971 Amber Soundroom (AS LP 014)

Reissue: 1998 Garden Of Delights (CD 029) Buy it here!


Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5


1 Yellow Puppets Hanging In The Sky (0:48)
2 Krishna's Golden Dope Shop (6:06)
3 Road To Laramy (6:24)
4 Acid Eagle (2:42)
5 Aluminum Wind (18:00)
6 Pink Puppets Hanging In The Sky (0:48)
7 Mit Tiny Nach Tanger (7:26)
8 Lady Jane - Lord X (3:15)


from Progarchives:

Born during krautrock’s explosion at the beginning of the 70’s Siloah deserves an interest for fans of psychedelic folk music. With a delicate free form sound the band delivers catchy, sometimes dreamy like songs for acoustic instruments, dominated by guitars and percussions.

The “acid” folk mention reminds me some good kraut-folk items (Amon Duul’s Paradieswarts Duul, Kalacakra’s Crawling to Lhasa, Hoelderlin’s Traum…), featuring “ethno-psychedelic”, simplistic poetic romance and stoned vocals. “Yellow puppets” is a short “pastoral” piece for acoustic guitar & percussions, quite charming.

“Krishna Golden Dope Show” is more into a “hippie” like trip, a bit old dated but it sounds nice, very folk with gorgeous peaceful effects, “monotonous” vocals and soft chorus. “Road to Larany” is a brilliant bluesy acoustic folk ballad. “Acid Eagle” is a freak out repetitive tune for ethnic like percussions and stringed instruments. “Alluminum winds” is a rather dark “acid” folk composition with not real coherence and no real sense of composition.

Nice floating flute lines punctuated the ensemble. The new Garden of delights CD reissue contains bonus tracks & a full booklet of notes and photos. Not the best German “stoned” folk item but a few amazing atmospheres.

Philippe Blache


from Cosmic Dreams at Play:

Siloah came from Munich and were the brainchild of one Thom Atgauer. They made two extremely rare private pressings, regarded as among the most frenzied on the German underground scene.

Some dealers have described their first album Saureadler (1970, the title means 'acid eagle') as 'being even wilder than Kalacakra', and it isn't difficult to agree with this after listening to the six tracks.

This is an acoustic ethno-psychedelic head trip. Guests play drums, flute and guitar on certain tracks. Apart from the short introduction and ending, the album had "Aluminium Wind" (18:00). There are some rumours that members of Amon Duul were involved in these recordings.


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