Monday, 15 September 2008

ALCHEMICAL MOON (transformation musick)



Original Issue: 1995 Cyclotron Industries (CYCI CD - 333)


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

The first time (it was 1995) that I listened to this work, I was completely blown away...and the same nowadays!

Voice of Eye declared that: All sound sources are acoustic in origin, then processed through little black boxes to warp time and open the listener's perception.

Well, if these are the results, we all should buy a couple of these 'black boxes' and apply them to our auricles during everyday activities. Our boss voice would sound a lot better... ;-)


1 Transmigration (Bardo I) (19:22)
2 Transcendence (7:35)
3 Sirens (Bardo II) (6:16)
4 Tempest (5:39)
5 Garden Of Earthly Delights (4:45)
6 Oblivion (Bardo III) (23:51)


from (the late) Electric Shock Treatment:


from Spyderbites:

I waited a long time to hear this; it was worth the wait.

An all-acoustic recording which attains utterly surreal soundscapes. For 67.5 minutes, the tracks of Transmigration document the soul's mysterious afterlife journey, taking the listener through unbelievable sonic realms.

Not too many ethno/tribal influences really, though Transcendence pairs densely quivering violin strings with pounding jungle drums, which are eventually joined by tweedling Middle Eastern flute. That track segues into the blaringly resonant drones of Sirens (which I first fell in love with as part of the 3-Disc Storm of Drones comp).

Other notable passages include the multitudinous ghostly moans of the opening track, the whirlwind stratospherics of Tempest, and the murky festivities of Garden of Earthly Delights. Speaking of murky, it certainly gets that way in Oblivion (Bardo III), the almost-24-minute-long closing piece. Swirling soundclouds obscure everything else, eventually receding to leave a pristine silence which leads to further encounters I won't divulge here.

Find out for yourself, if you can find a copy.


Richard said...

Very nice. :-)

I can see me being led to explore my bardic self by gathering some ambient samples and seeing what I can do with them in combination with my more usual instruments...



Anonymous said...

When will I receive the link for this one, please? I've been wanting to hear this music since ages. Thank you Margot. French people definitely have good musical tastes ;D

Margot said...

Hi Continuo,
sorry, I had a problem with your email address. Could you fill again the box at the end of the main page :)

I apologize for that...

Anonymous said...

I know that VOICE OF EYE have done collaborations with LIFE GARDEN (who I like alot), now I will have to look into those too.....

This was nice.

Merci , Margot!

Jeroen said...

Sounds interesting.Downloading now. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

havn't listened yet - but intrigued by the description

Anonymous said...

Hi Margot,
thanks for turning us on to Voice of Eye. Wonderful, deep and magic stuff :-)

best wishes

EcoPagan said...


Hey Margot, just pass, to say that i will post all the discography of Voice of Eye in my new Blog :)this is the link: