Wednesday, 2 July 2008

RUNIC MOON (nordic musick)


Original Issue: 1993 Silent Records (SR9345)

Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5

Nordic ambient musick masterpiece by the likes of Andrew M.McKenzie (The Hafler Trio) and Zbigniew Karkowski!

Read the intricate (as expected) story behind this recording here

1 A Viking's Lament (30:12)
2 Sunrise Over The Crystal Fjord (30:16)

from Reign of Toads:

Continuous choirs of angelic voices within a gentle and steady synth envelope. Drones within drones. These voices are saying something--not necessarily in the literal sense, but vibrationally.

The amazingly interesting (and almost believable) liner notes evolve the experience so that this CD becomes a tool. The mythology includes a complete listing of the 29 phonemes employed within this recording alongside their corresponding mythological significance. The obscured history detailed within the liner notes alludes to two gentleman who worked in a mine somewhere near the Arctic for 20 years, ended up doing some sort of sense-dep tank and black-room living for another month or so, and then went on to some university sound laboratory where they met up with Andrew M. McKenzie of the Hafler Trio.

WSB sums it up on the back cover's collection of quotes: "Humanity may be an outmoded vehicle, but it is still capable of constructing mechanisms that can enable us to leave where we are stuck. This is not an artifact. It is a tool and should be used as such.

from Amazon:

This amazing album is a journey in itself. The story behind it's inception is even more amazing. Put this album on and immediately one's mental state seems to level off and clear out. Everything becomes 'smooth' but on a higher level. One seems to rise above this cacophany and slide through chaotic corporeal reality with ease. Many uses in many different 'states' of consciousness. Recently used with Salvia Divinorum. Nice and grounding for the participant.


Paul said...

I Like. Sounds almost dated at first, with that "early 90's" keyboard sound, but if you keep at it, it will really drag you in.

the Duke said...

Margot, another phenomenal find! This is splendid, a great piece tofollow to Miranda Sex Garden Thank you so much for your blog. It is very appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo: I didn't get your usual e-mail announcement of this one... I hope I wasn't removed for poor behavior or anything like that!! it sounds beautiful... Bruce (Portland, OR)

Margot said...

sorry about this...maybe some problem with your spam filters or gmail.

Please compile again the form at the end of the page (if possible use a different e-mail address)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for yet another fascinating post - i enjoy much of the work of andrew mackenzie, but hadn't come across this one - i shall look forward to hearing it. whats strikes me about your blog is how useful so many of the posts are - which may sound like faint praise, but i find that the music(k) you post is gaurenteed to be affective and transporting. amazing and much appreciated

Margot said...

Thank you so much; your comment is very appreciated. My goal is to always post musick which has something special; I'm happy that many of you has understood my philosophy.


Margot said...

Do not ask for this one according to the following Andrew McKenzie request:

Sender's name : h3o
Sender's Email :
Referrer :

take it away. you are not authorised to give this material away.

just stop it.

Anonymous said...

Are there real voices on this record , or are they just emulated by synthecisers? I don't get it.