Sunday, 20 July 2008

RISING MOON (japrocksampler musick)



Original Issue: 1972 Toshiba (TJ-9004)


Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

Impossibly hard-to-find cosmic jazz masterpiece ranking #21 in Julian Cope's Japrocksampler bible!


1 Ichi
2 Ni
3 San


from the essay on Japanese underground music written by Chris McLean:

Toshiyuki Miyama & his New Herd – this avant-garde jazz-rock combo has been around for a long time and released many albums, most of which I know nothing about. For us, their all-time classic is reputedly ‘Yamataifu’ [Toshiba-EMI/Far East, 1972], according to Julian Cope.

This has been referred to by Cope as ‘Yamati-fu’ by Masahiko Satoh & New Herd Orchestra, but the album cover shown in ‘Japrocksampler’ credits it as ‘Yamataifu’ by ‘Toshiyuki Miyama & his New Herd: Masahiko Satoh’.

Cope describes it glowingly as perhaps the “greatest cosmic jazz album ever made”, and I look forward to a reissue.


Roger Camden said...


Count me in.

King Brian said...

Bass: Kunisada Masao 国定正夫
Conductor: Miyama Toshiyuki 宮間利之
Drums: Hiromi Masaru 広見優
Electric Piano, Composer, Arranger: Satoh Masahiko 佐藤允彦
Guitar: Yamamto Kozaburo 山本幸三郎
Piano: Imashiro Yoshinobu 今城嘉信
Producer: Maki Yoshio 牧芳雄
Producer: Shibutani Morihisa 渋谷森久
Saxophones [Alto]: Oguro Kazumi 小黒和命 + Nakyama Shinji 中山進治
Saxophone [Baritone]: Matsui Miki 松井三樹
Saxophones [Tenor]: Saito Kiyoshi 斉藤清 + Maeda Shoji 前田章二
Trombones: Uetaka Masamichi 上高政通 + Tokura Sei'ichi戸倉誠一 + Aoki Takeshi 青木武 + Kataoka Teruhiko 片岡輝彦
Trumpets: Murata Bunji 村田文治 + Sano Ken'ichi 佐野健一 + Hadori Koji 羽鳥幸次 + Fujisaki Kunio 藤崎邦夫

A Ichi 一 One
B1 Ni 二 Two
B2 San 三 Three

Anonymous said...

bam bam bambabam babam bopbedoo bah bop bam bambi bam , bambambam booooooo !!!!!! i wanna drum along so bad this is just pure jupiter juice jazz babyyyyyyyyyyyy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Margot !
always nice to be surprised

i would suggest to those who are excited (or juiced) by this to most DEFINITELY obtain ..
Herbie Hancock - Crossings USA 1971 (It was recorded in Dec of 1971)

sheer godhead !!! and not even rare


Danuuk said...

Oh, ple-e-ease... Japanese jazz? Please, send me link!

I don't understand how your blog works.

Anonymous said...

You've just to fill-in the form at the end of the blog main page :)

Anonymous said...

Taken from Japrocksampler as requested :)

"Thr greatest cosmic jazz album ever made? Thr pursuit of Krautrock's highest accolades armed only with an acoustic jazz orchestra and a single ring-modulator? The Dawning of Humanity's earliest ages as filtered? YAMATAI-FU is all of these things and more, a spell-binding and iconoclastic work the like of which has never before been encountered. Hot on the heels of the hard-bop drumfuelled kosmiche classic Amalgamation, and once again highly inspired by his collaborations with experimental pianist Wolfgang Dauner, Masahiko Sato next deliveredthis huge three-part score for Toshiyuki Miyama & New Heard Orchestra, in which drummer Masaru Hiromi became the lynchpin for its entire monumental groove. Indeed, it's difficult to image how much weight the drummerwould have lost over the course of this mighty session. Around Togashi's flailingPhilly Joe Jones-meets-Klaus Schultze drum insanity, the composer built a series of highly arranged and ever unfolding brass pieces (sometimes cacophonus/sometimes sweet) that united more cosmic jazz in the style of his own Amalgamation together with elements of fullflight Archie Shepp on the title track of his Yasmina, A Black Woman. Over this bizarre mix, Satoh added his own heavily ring-modulated electric piano, sending out Ur-sparks and shards of sonic light into the heavens with this primitive electronic device, kicking Christian Vander's underachieving butt and creating a proto-Cosmic Jokers work in the process. Side one contained the single epic 'Ichi' (First), while side two was split into 'Ni' (Second) and 'San' (Third). The whole album is a righterous ducking for those who believe the Japanese never get anywhere first"

Anonymous said...

great great great stuff!
thanks very much margot!

Äki Pó

Margot said...

Thank you for the edition of the book was not in english :)

Govindas Dream said...

cool, thaks for linking us as "Sharity Gods" :)

amadeus :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog you have here. I've try to register but got a "No CAPTCHA was viewed" as the last window. Is it OK or should I try again. Thanks.

Margot said...

You should try again, sorry...

By the way, can anyone share these Japrocksampler entries?

# 31-34-38-40-43-47

cretakano said...

i'm in. please send me the link.

also, feel free to check our music blog:

Anonymous said...

This blog is a delight; thanks you for sharing so much of this dusty-corner type stuff.

ramsay said...

I love krautrock and japrock.

How can i get the link?


ramsay said...

I love krautrock and japrock.

This blog is pure gold

How can I get the link?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the link show up even when I fill out the form? Ugh...can someone please just post the link in the comments for all the morons, like myself, they can't figure out this blog?

Please? I'm pretty much begging.

Anonymous said...

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Heigho said...

Maybe for something this hard to find, you could make an exception and repost the link? Everyone is reading Julian's book and looking for this, and it is proving impossible to find.

Margot said...

Here you have it again

Can you provide me with Japrocksampler # 34 and 47?

Heigho said...

Thanks for reposting this! Unfortunately, Mediafire says you have this set as private, so I am unable to download.

As for JRS #34 and #47, I too am looking for them, and have scoured the internet for hours and hours to no avail. I guess some kind soul with cash is going to have to buy the originals and rip them, or we will wait for the re-release.

Anonymous said...

Have followed the instruction and joined the mailing list already, however still don't get the password to access the post (medifire)... Could you help me, please?

Margot said...

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