Thursday, 19 June 2008

LITHA (21 June 2008)

The Musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:



Original Issue: 2002 Jewelled Antler (#2; limited to 100 copies)

Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5

Essential introduction to the Jewelled Antler sound-world
By the way, this compilation contains the best Hala Strana track ever; fantastic east-European tune gorgeously manipulated by Mr. Steven R. Smith.

1 Donovan Quinn - Heat & Birds 2:16
2 Hala Strana - Kanasztancok Ket Hegedun 3:03
3 The Floating Birthday Children - Swan on a Black Lake 1:30
4 Muons - Little Star 3:51
5 Of - Aerial Cisterns 4:12
6 Kemialliset Ystävät - Juurakkotukka 2:49
7 The Blithe Sons - Death in the Woods 3:01
8 Dead Raven Choir - Red Rocking Chair 3:29
9 Markus [FIN] - Kingo of Black Leaves 2:35
10 Byram Abbott - Doves Rehabilitating at Fort Cronkhite, 2001 1:02
11 Family of Apostolic - Mabel's Umbrage 3:52
12 The Franciscan Hobbies - The Horned Ibexes 3:22
13 Avarus - Hessu Se Tässä Vaan, Ei Mikki 1:59
14 Golden Hotel - The Blame 1:39
15 MCMS - Live in Brooklyn, 24 August 2002 8:23
16 Thuja - Opaque Reeds 8:24
17 Krsna Meditation - Gill's Pier, 6 a.m., 7 July 2002/Yasomati-nandana 14:28

from Aquarius Records:

"Heat & Birds" is the second 'friends and family' compilation to emerge from the Jewelled Antler collective, offering an overview not only of the numerous activities that are constantly evolving within the collective but also of like-minded artists from across the globe.

Common to Jewelled Antler sound is a magical wistfulness, which seeps through every sound within the label and draws metaphors to half-dreamt memories, impossible lands that only exist in the imagination, or the simple awe of nature.

While the core members (Glenn Donaldson, Loren Chasse, Rob Reger, and Steven R. Smith) are present, they've presented themselves in a variety of unique monikers and projects: such as Hala Strana (an uncredited pseudonym for Steven R. Smith, recreating a manic Hungarian folk instrumental with his trademarked production style of layered sounds building repeated riffs up to bittersweet crescendos), Of (an enigmatic project of evocative etherialism by Loren Chasse), and The Floating Birthday Children (the duo of Donaldson and Kerry McLaughlin offering pensive folk meanderings). Other, better-known Jewelled Antler projects, The Blithe Sons & Daughters, Thuja, and Franciscan Hobbies, also make appearances.

Of the non-JA projects, "Heat & Birds" also features the Finnish avant-improv-rock bands Kemialliset Ystavat, the medieval sounding Markus, and the elusive Avarus. Also, the San Francisco band Golden Hotel have produced another brilliant, drugged-out folk song, but do they remember recording it? And, there's some wonderful field recordings by AQ's own Byram Abbott of the birds in rehabilitation at Fort Cronkite just north of San Francisco. I could go on, but why spoil the mysteries?

"Heat & Birds" is a great collection from a great organization. Recommended.


Margot said...
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Anonymous said...

The Jewelled Antler ethos is one of the more exciting and honest things happening in music.

anemic said...

Now that's something special.

Thanks a lot!

krh said...

Thanks, I haven't heard this for a few years. It's to bad they are not so much of a "collective" any longer, just various groups scattered over various labels. And I miss Thuja the most.

graaf24 said...

Superb music!!! Thanks a lot!

David Moss said...

margot, this was beautiful
thank you so much!

The Gosub Routine said...


have you visited this nice lil blog:

i think a lot of the Steven R. Smith links may still be active.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare treat, Margot. Most of the artists on the disc are new to me. It's always wonderful to discover new gems like this. Excellent share!

Anonymous said...

V.tasty. Yum yum. -- Stefan M

fpunky said...

Really enjoyed this one. Thanks!

Chris said...

Enchanting stuff!

Thank you kindly...

Jeroen said...


Jeroen said...


Anonymous said...

magical music to celebrate the longest day ! Thanks Margot . where did it go ...

¡Mateo es así! said...

Excellent atmosphere of other. I see what you mean. Thanks.

BananaYogi said...

Lovely! Very haunting...

Thanks for this.

Richard said...

This must be one of the best releases in a while - fare thee well I am interested

greenrabbit said...

hey again Margot :)

This is a lovely work very beautiful, once more thanks for share with us this jewel.

p.s.If you dont mind please send to my "greenrabbit" mail the news from your blog, not to my other mail "greenhelder".

Anonymous said...

Hazy wistfulness, yes. Totally unaware of Jewlled Antler, thanks! How about Windswept Trees & Houses?

Margot said...

I've also the original for "Windswept Trees & Houses".

Will post it some when in the future, OK?