Friday, 27 June 2008

BLUE MOON (musick by request)



Original Issue: 2007 Private Release (No Number; Limited Edition European Tour Disc)

Margot-meter: 4 moons / 5

1 Journey Through Sankuan Pass (8:01)
2 Sum Of All Heaven > Hollow Light, Severed Sun (7:34)
3 Dead Flowers (3:53)
4 All That They Fear (6:52)
5 Messenger > Tuning (2:43)
6 Lament For Summer > Tuning (8:13)
7 Khidr And The Fountain (7:36)

Biography from Drag City:

Six Organs of Admittance is the music of one man — Ben Chasny, along with whomever he ropes in for recording sessions and shows. Sometimes nobody’s there with him, depending on his mood. And that’s alright too.

This one-man band started in 1998 when Ben self-released his first LP in an edition of 400, little dreaming that one day Six Organs of Admittance would sell 59 times that many. It was just something that happened.

Over the years, Six Organs of Admittance has been released on a variety of labels, most notably Holy Mountain. During this time, Six Organs of Admittance became one of the most influential sounds in the underworld with albums such as Dust and Chimes, Dark Noontide and Compathia.

The Six Organs method paired acoustic sounds — guitar, voices, percussions — with electric sounds — guitar and who knows?!? — in a fashion that produced not quite songs, but not quite jams, either. Further, it was vivid and hazy at the same time. It made people think of roots and folk music and psychedelia and noise all at once, and so people were thrilled in a confused sort of way. Nobody knew at the time that this was only the beginning.

In 2005, Ben found a home at Drag City and released the landmark album, School of the Flower. Free jazz ninja drum master Chris Corsano joined Ben for the session and the results were a perfect blend of melody, minimalism, out-folk groove and noise. This version of Six Organs of Admittance toured, getting much applause along the road. At year’s end, School of the Flower landed on many critic’s best-of lists in magazines including Mojo, Wire, Magnet and a shit-ton of others. Ben has also played in and recorded with Comets on Fire, Current 93, Badgerlore, and August Born.

2006 saw a new morning: the release of The Sun Awakens, which featured the darkest, most feedbackdrenched, cult-chanting, completely beautiful music ever released by Six Organs of Admittance. Whether or not people want twenty-four minutes of drone or not, that doesn’t mean Six Organs isn’t going to give it to them. Chasny also wrote music for Current 93’s critically-endorsed album Black Ships Ate The Sky, toured around the U.S. and Europe in the band of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (and had a great time) and finally took it to Russia (and played there!) as Six Organs of Admittance. Squeezing one last band into the winter of 2006, Ben formed the guitar-assault trio Basalt Fingers with Brian Sullivan of Mouthus and Elisa Ambrogio of Magik Markers.

2007: Ben’s taking a break from all his other projects to concentrate fully on Six Organs of Admittance and write the record he always wanted — Shelter From the Ash. Beyond a culmination of the very best that Six Organs of Admittance has ever offered, from
minimalist/surrealist sound incantations to pounding twilight mountain-ascending guitar affirmations to ruminations on love in the time of war and death and the end of the world, this is the Six Organs record that Ben has been wanting to release from the very beginning.
Six Organs of Admittance will be playing free shows on the west coast at the end of 2007, to be followed by a full tour of shows played for money in early 2008. Get ready — it will be well worth it.


gojira said...

Ben is an amazing musician,
thank you.

Margot said...

Totally agree with you!

God only knows how much I love the musick this genius is doing.

I was really impressed in the mid 90's when I first listened to his debut

Jeroen said...

One of my favorite groups.

Anonymous said...

Cool beans. - Stefan M.

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Lambda said...

great post like usual
many thanks

Anonymous said...

Awesome! And I *HATE* live albums!

volker said...

thank you for this astonishing album. This band is very very good. I like them. One of my favorite groups.


Jorge Stretcher said...

Thank You very much!
Wonderful blog you have, too.I let here the message because i want so much to take this album but i don´t know how?!?
Keep in touch!

Margot said...

Sent an e-mail to you, Jorge.

Enjoy thee musick :)

Anonymous said...

Is there any chace to get this album? I'm looking tu buy it forever, and i can't find any details! If you can help, please contatct me at: I've got lost of Six Organs live recordings, also, if you're interested in a trade!