Sunday, 1 June 2008

BLUE MOON (musick by request)



Original Issue: 2002 Anomalous (NOM 14)

Margot-meter: 3 moons / 5

1. Part 1
2. Part 2

from The Wire:

Following his Second Attention album, also released by Seattle's Anomalous label, Jeph Jerman has expanded his very quiet improvised activities within the context of a larger ensemble. Comprised of like-minded sound artists from the Seattle area, they have ranged in size up to nine members, but they stopped at six for this recording.

Dubbed The Animist Orchestra, they steadfastly concentrate on the minuscule textures from nature objects like small rocks, seashells, driftwood and feathers being rubbed, tapped and stroked. The use of such elements must have required an incredible amount of concentration on the moment while paying the utmost attention to detail.

However, as Jerman accurately states, 'this may facilitate the removal of actions arising from taste and memory'. Unlike many contemporaries within the lowercase community, whose pristine digital sounds demand near anechoic listening conditions, the clarity of the bristlings and tinklings produced by The Animist Orchestra work amazingly well as the foreground to the din wafting through my urban apartment window.

Jim Haynes


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Margot said...

Zbigniew, I'm so happy that I can satisfy your request.

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shit is heat.

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I NEED a copy of this.

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