Monday, 7 April 2008

SACRIFICE MOON (offering musick)



Original Issue: 1987 Eyas Media ( EYAS 006)

Reissue: 2002 Edition Ananael (Ananael Audio 01) Buy it here!!!

Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5

Well, this one was a big big surprise for me and I really have to thank one of this blog readers for "donating" this shamanic jewel; unfortunately I'm not able to remember his/her name.

This is magick musick of the highest degree - a true bridge towards arcane (and mighty) forces!

1 Havamal
2 Voluspa
3 Wotan
4 Invokation Of The Gods
5 Knighting
6 Sigdrifumal
7 Northstar
8 Ragnarok
9 Panzer Rune
10 North
11 Futhark
12 Nietzsche
13 Seeker

from World Music Central

If you find you have an interest in the magical properties of rune songs, Freya Aswynn's Songs of Yggdrasil, released by the metaphysical book publisher, Llewellyn is worth a listen.
This CD delves deeply into the actual chants performed by the Nordic shaman Freya.

According to the CD liner notes, "In Shamanism one of the most valued techniques is the use of sound. There are two main techniques: chanting and drumming, which are combined with breath control and synchronized with a heartbeat. The main reason for employing these techniques is to achieve an altered state of consciousness... There are two different kinds of trance states. One is exhilarating and leads to tremendous amounts of energy; in this state magic acts can be performed usually on the spur of the moment..."

Freya goes on to describe the second kind of trance which is a journey state and the shaman's attentions are turned inward.

The chants that appear on Songs of Yggdrasil recount the shaman's journey and in this case the shaman journeys through nine worlds, where various Nordic gods/goddesses and entities such as Odin and Freya are evoked. In the past, I had read a book that described the journeys of seidr (Nordic seers) in which the seidre would sit on a high chair and drop into a trance where the seidre would journey through the nine worlds bringing back information for those ceremonial attendees seeking answers.

I'm not sure how Freya's recording fits into this practice. However, the chants included on the CD represent particular runes and vibrations associated with those particular runes. Freya cites, "Through chanting the runes, one can express the meaning of that rune." Her recording demonstrates the galdr technique.

Whipping wind and howling wolves accompany Freya's chants. This creates a gothic atmosphere and easily sends its listeners on an inward quest. Freya also explains what and whom she encounters on the journey as well as, performing various invocations and chants. Also note that the chants on this CD are not melodic. While drums appear on at least one of the tracks, this recording represents sound healing through the use of shamanic chants.

However, if you are interested in pursuing the sound healing aspects of rune songs and would like to explore the Northern Mysteries, then picking up Freya Aswynn's Songs of Yggdrasil along with her book, Northern Mysteries and Magick (Llewellyn), will get you off on the right foot. Working with sound and loving intentions could transform the world we live in for the better.

I am certainly not an expert on rune songs and I can find very little in the way of books on the subject, at least ones written in English. I will say that rune songs are worth exploring as both a musical and a magical practice.


Margot said...
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Nahuel said...

Thanks a lot for this material. really appreciated.

NJBOY said...

Hail to Thee!!!
What a Blessing
Thank you so much

anemic said...

I tasted the fruits of Yggdrasil and they were delicious.

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

You can find some more Freya(with Current 93) today on Blodvargr :


Anonymous said...

Fruits of Yggdrasil (the 6commm version with Freya) is going to be re-issued this year by Patrick Legeas. You can find information at Patricks MySpace page

Margot, you are a goddess for sharing this release. If anybody is on the fence about downloading this works.. DO IT! Freya is a masterful vocalist who takes you back in time to ancient Norse paganism traditions.

As a side note, her involvement in both Kabbalah and Thelema traditions (Wiki calls them unrelated but that is far from true) ties together Crowley's use of the Book Of Toth and is as far reaching as the Tibetan book of the Dead. She is an expert on ancient runes and runs a wonderful web page dedicated to their exploration.

Can I plug Jarboe's two (soon to be three) phenomenal releases titled "Stream Enterer" with text read from Bardo Thodol and other Buddhist texts (compiled, I believe from the book of the dead). These releases are also truly magickal and branch out in strange directions musically as well. Am I soap boxing.

Everybody pour your love on to Margot, this blog has truly been magickal and I have found some real gems (I LOVE Scott Walker). Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant... ok... sorry for rambling.

Margot said...

it's always a pleasure to receive such comments from a Sharity God and occult musick expert like you.

I'm very happy this great album is attracting so many people. Thank you folks.

graaf24 said...

Thanks Margot, this is The Biggest Thing Since Colossus!!!

Dante said...

"Everybody pour your love on to Margot, this blog has truly been magickal and I have found some real gems (I LOVE Scott Walker). Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant... ok... sorry for rambling."

I feel like rambling as well about
Margot allowing for the share of
great music and previews for albums
I've been wanting to buy.

I do however pull away from everyone
about these albums and their meaning.

From the first song, Havamal
(which was wonderful not only
in length, as I particularly have
an interest in good songs ten
minutes and more) but it sounds
as if she's pulling you closer
into the sound and the instruments
are keeping you steady. I like
hearing the shouting out and
(overall on the album) the light
talking held almost throughout.

I've been involved in various
rituals and they've definitely
haven't had this kind of sound.
Similar perhaps but I guess this
album seems less personal without
the presence and visualization
you have in person.

Putting magical acts into a record
I find to be simply impossible.
Sorry to go against the majority on
that note. I do find it to be truly
wonderful music and did enjoy every
single song on this album.
I really had to listen to it a good
six or seven times before typing
this comment up but I'm glad I did.

Once again Margot, thank you.

donc said...

Thanks for this listen. I am amazed.


donc said...

Thank you for this. I am amazed.


Richard said...

Thanks for this Magical Music,this blog is getting better all the time.The last few posts have been outstanding.But this post is as good as gets for a norse pagan like me.
Many Thanks

Jani said...

Awesome awesome! Thanks a million

Asgar Root Magazine said...

Hi Margot, Many thanks for posting this one. I'd not heard it before and have been utterly beguiled by the power it cotains. Amazing.