Thursday, 21 February 2008

STONED MOON (pscikadilik musick)


Original Issue: 1969 Love (LRLP 1005)

Reissue: 2001 Silence (SRSCD3614) Buy it!!!

Margot-meter: 4,5 moons / 5

01. Dies Irae
02. I villande skogen
03. There is no other place
04. The Runcorn report on western progress
05. Statsministern
06. Ho Chi Minh
07. It's only love
08. Klockan är mycket nu
09. Ut till vänster
10. Sommarlåten
11. Sov gott Rose-Marie
12. I mourn you
13. How to survive
14. Skördetider (bonus)

This masterpiece comes from an era of european psych/prog musick that I love to call: The Swedish Krautrock.

Please do not forget to hunt for the other collectives revolving around the same musicians playing in this record:
Pärson Sound, Harvester and Träd Gräs Och Stenar. More about the Swedish Krautrock in the posts to come!

from The Other Music:

Those of you who regularly read our update may actually be sick of hearing how fantastic these albums are… But, for those who are new to the delectable Swedish psych titles that Silence reissued in 2001 (which have been out of print for awhile now) or who have been trying to hunt down the pricey originals on LP, the time for rejoicing is upon you. These albums are filled with truly enlightening experimental communal music from late-'60s early-'70s Sweden: organic, acid-soaked, free jazz-influenced, heavy-on-the-psychedelia rock music.

My personal favorite of this batch is International Harvester's Sov Gott Rose-Marie, and it's more of a journey than an album. International Harvester is an incarnation of Parson Sound before they became Harvester (and later Trad Gras och Stenar). Much like the first track of the Parson Sound reissue, the opener on Sov Gott Rose-Marie is a mammoth to be reckoned with. "Dies Irae," a death hymn, bursts forth from hell. Its darkness, however, creates the contrast with which to recognize the shards of light within the murk -- you can hear the sunshine, as it's laced with soft voices and songbirds.

Then comes the Rock. The album's an amalgam of juxtaposed auras: at once improvised free jazz, folk, and heavily-structured hard psych. Tribal percussions are collaged amidst speeding cars and radio transmissions. Primitive vocal calls permeate a sweet ballad. Driving repetitive patterns slip you into a delicate coma, only to wake you abruptly when these dualities crescendo into a stimulating musical expression. Included is an outdoor improvised recording featuring flute, chanting, acoustic guitar, dogs, drums, children laughing -- 14 minutes long and transcendental.

from Amazon

I must still show praise for such an absolutely incredible hidden gem. The atmosphere and field recordings make this a truly organic experience. Sov Gott Rose-Marie literally manages to cleanse your soul. These were not just some crazy hippies on tons of drugs, but true innovators who will sadly never receive enough credit. Thankfully, now that psych-folk/rock groups like Six Organs of Admittance, Ceberus Shoal and Acid Mothers Temple are becoming more popular in the underground scene, International Harvester (as well as Harvester, Parson Sound and Trad Gras Och Stenar) will finally gain some of the notoriety they've been due for nearly 40 years.



Margot said...
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Anonymous said...

margot, do you happen to have Charms Cut From Our Trees comp.???? if so, could you post it please??? thanks, brent

Margot said...

Well, yes, I have it.
Even if this is a relatively new release (from 2005), I see this is declared to be out-of-print by the label (see

So, I'll post for you soon as a BLUE MOON. Stay tuned.


J. said...

I have this one : great record and the group is on the famous NWW list! And the Pärson Sound 2 CD compilation is also great. I have yet to listen to a recent 4 CD compilation called " Pregnant Rainbows For Colourblind Dreamers : The Essence Of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979 " (Premium Publishing). Waiting for more ... :)


Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this post but I read at Mutant Sounds your comment about her so you may try this one also :


Margot said...

Thank you, Josef!
I always have a look to "Garden of Delights" of my favorite m-blogs :)


monica rené said...

I'm really enjoying this lp-thanks for posting it! I've been in love with the Parson Sound reissue for a while now, and this just adds another piece to the great psychedelic Swedish puzzle!

Anonymous said...

I can´t play the Harvester with Winamp, any attempt just closes Winamp. I normally convert files when this happens with Switch but the files are "either corrupt or not a true layer-3 MPEG file". Any ideas what i can do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm looking forward to hearing it!


Ego Kornus said...

You know what we had last night a moon eclipse here in Buenos Aires.
Fasinating was a beautifull hot night here.

Galen Summer said...

I love Trad Gras Och Stenar, so I am really looking forward to this. Very nice blog. I give it 5 moons.

Anonymous said...

For those who want a little bit of pärson sound :


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the International Harvester. It is very strange (in a great way). Not what I expected after hearing Parson Sound & Trad Gras Och Stenar. Here is one for you: Modulo 1000. Really really strange stuff from Brazil. I hope you like it. This is my rip so feel free to post it if you want!

Rob Vomit

Margot said...

Thank you!
I'm downloading it right now and will surely listen to it carefully :)

Michael said...