Saturday, 2 February 2008

IMBOLC (02 February 2008)

The Musick dedicated to this Sabbat is:


Original Issue: 2001 Ground Fault (GF017) Buy it here!

Margot-meter: 5 moons / 5

01 - Portrait D'Un Glacier (Alpes, 2173m)

Also Lionel Marchetti is part of Margot's mythology! Pure GENIUS!

Incursion review:

Using recordings made in France on the Glacier de Tré la Tête, high on the Massif de Mont-blanc, Lionel Marchetti here allows us to accompany him on a quiet (if suspenseful) journey through this snowy, ominous terrain.

Rather than presenting a straight-on field recording of his expedition, he uses small sections from the recordings at a time, and plays them through beautiful, lingering tones and still ambience. Recurring elements (yells, splashes, tools balancing on hardened surfaces) are featured in this 28-minute sonic excursion, and each have a creepy, icy quality.

If Biosphere can capture the aesthetic beauty of a snowy mountain through his recordings, Marchetti has the uncanny ability to capture the flip side of it: the danger, the uncertainty, and the sheer magnitude of it all. Listening to this disc through headphones in a darkened room is a magnificent experience: low rumblings permeate the proceedings, periodically interrupted by dramatic surges in sound that will take your breath away.

Technically faultless, this is a work of stunning magnificence.

Vils M DiSanto


Margot said...
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NotaShyWitch said...

Thanks Margot - wonderful Stuff!



iz23 said...

Le froid qui réveille l'esprit...

Anonymous said...

sounds "cool" margot, any similarity to biosphere is welcome - such a splendid manager of sound .. thanks! anthony

graaf24 said...

Thanks Margot - pretty impressive things!

Anonymous said...

I Love Marchetti. But I coudn't find the link...