Monday, 11 February 2008

BLACK MOON (the dark side of musick)


Original Issue: 2000 Secretly Canadian (SC040) Buy it!

Margot-meter: 4.5 moons / 5

1 Lightning Risked It All
2 The Body Burned Away
3 No Limits On The Words
4 Ghost Tropic
5 The Ocean's Nerves
6 Not Just A Ghost's Heart
7 Ghost Tropic
8 Incantation

Together with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's "I see a darkness", one of Margot's favourites. THIS MUSICK HURTS!

Amazon review:

Molina furnishes a technicolour portrait of the more ethereal territory of spiritual wanderlust and saddened backward glances. As a result, Ghost Tropic is a liberating musical experience - carrying all the weight of worldly woes yet still achieving an exhilirating level of emotional transcendence.

Dirk Hugo

Ghost Tropic really lives up to its name; the album is haunted, otherworldly and utterly desolate, creating entirely its own existential landscape from scratch with the help of Mike Mogis and Alasdair Roberts. "Simply to live/that is my plan" sings Jason Molina, accompanied by the most minimal guitar you have heard since Mark Hollis ditched his band because they 'played too many notes'.

This record is dark, laying bare a spiritual isolation and emptiness which is rarely heard in any form of music. The album slowly evolves from acoustic beginnings to take in tropical environmental twitterings and creaky programmed percussion, ending with the final synth movement of Incantation, which sounds akin to Joy Division's "The Eternal" if it really did go on forever... Ghost Tropic is modern folk music that sounds like it has just crawled out of the swamp, completely unaware of conventions or anything that has gone before it.

Mr. R.A.Riggs


Margot said...
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megan said...

Definitely downloading this one! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I love this CD. This and "Didn't It Rain" are Jason Molina's best work. I hope he gets the attention that he deserves someday.

joy said...

absolutely a beautiful work of art here. nice choice for sure.

arbor said...

im gonna check this out thanks

Néantror said...

very nice thank you ; )

Anonymous said...

So ... What's the password on this album? Thanks in advance!

billy milk said...

thanks margot... a new one to me but i've been listening to will oldham a lot recently so this is definitely gonna hit the spot x

sf said...

thanks, Margot. it's a very good album, indeed.

graaf24 said...

Thanks a lot, Incantation mmmmmm....I love this!!!

barbelith said...


This is a brilliant album.

Thank you

Phil said...

thanks for introducing me to this artist who I had not heard before. An exceptional album.
Thanks again

machinochrist said...

whata fantastic album, i downloaded this just based on the fact that so much else that youve posted here is great and i was honestly blown away, wonderful stuff!