Wednesday, 2 January 2008

BLUE MOON (musick by request)


Original Issue: 1979 Pennine (PSS 153)

Reissue: 2001 Kissing Spell

Margot-meter: 2.5 moons / 5

1. John Barleycorn
2. Coalhole
3. She Moves Through the Fair
4. Old Pendel
5. Young Man
6. Cold and Raw
7. Balckleg Miner
8. Rosemary Lane
9. Lyke Wake Dirge
10. Galtree Farmer
11. Weary Cutters
12. Go Your Way
13. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Some Notes:

A rare, privately-pressed folk album of interest since it featured Gregson who later played with Stiff band Any Trouble prior to working both solo and with the Richard Thompson Band. Characterised by two female vocalists, it includes an excellent cover version of the Bert Jansch-composed title track.

Vernon Joynson - The Tapestry of Delights


Margot said...
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arbor said...

Thanks again for this gem..though I was wondering if there is a correct track 6 (Cold and Raw)around somewhere, it goes into a completely different song in the middle of the track. Thanks!