Monday, 28 January 2008

BLACK MOON (the dark side of musick)


"Folklore of the Moon" Volume I

Original Issue: 2005 Hand/Eye ( h/e-moon1 - Limited to 100 copies)

Margot-meter: 4.5 moons / 5

1 Revelation Moon

This work is truly incredible and I'm scared to death every time I give it a spin!
A kind of energy charged spell sung by malevolent ghost to evoke some Dark Lord
(OK, maybe I've to slow down a bit with my Absinthe ;-)

We must support Timothy Renner (the mastermind behind Stone Breath), his "vision" and his authentic musick genius!

Foxy Digitalis Review:

Stone Breath constant and Hand/Eye proprietor Timothy Renner kicks off his “Folklore of the Moon” 3” CD subscription series with this 20-minute performance piece, half of which was originally recorded in a church in Cambridge, MA and then supplemented with a studio-imposed music box wind-down.

Renner’s droning harmonium forms a hallucinatory backbone for vocal assistance from old friends, Prydwyn, B’Eirth and Michael (Drekka) Anderson, as his primal scream vocals gradually rise to a frenzied, throat-shredding pitch that rivals Lennon’s agonized screams on his solo debut. The glitch musicbox is the star of the last half of the track, as it slowly winds down to allow the listener to recover from the opening emotional onslaught. It’s a fine line between 10-minute filler and sad, haunting recovery-room chill-out, but I’ll err on the side of the artist.

An intriguing introduction to what promises to be a collector’s wet dream, with future moons scheduled from Martyn Bates, Fit & Limo, In Gowan Ring and Acid Mother’s Temple.

Jeff Penczak


Margot said...
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megan said...

I'm trying this one, thanks!
- Megan

Nahuel said...

Oh Yess!

Anonymous said...

this album is truly scary. i listened to it late last night in the dark, outside on our porch. i came in afterwards. haunting, very nice. thanks.

Anonymous said...

very scary indeed. listen to this late at night. i did! scary!

Anonymous said...
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Margot said...

Thank you for your comment!

You've truly caught, with your words, the experience of listening to this record!


talpfade said...

This is full of dark beauty...well balanced fury and peace...and I'll wait for the night to enjoy it and unveil more of its mysterious beauty...thanks for the sharing...

NotaShyWitch said...

This sounds perfect for my walkman in the middle of a field on a moonlit night...

Thanks. :-)